Tuesdays with Greyson 

Hello Hello! And happy Tuesday to you. We have a fun recap of our roadtrip to see Aunt Stephanie tomorrow. But today I have a little story to share.

This little lovebug wasn’t smiling this morning.

I was getting ready for work this morning and I was using my hair straightener in the bathroom. G.P. snuck up behind me, ninja style, and (unbeknownst to me) started playing with the cord. Remember I mentioned that he was obsessed with cords.

Yeah, well…he might not be anymore.

You know where I’m going with this.

I had no idea he was behind me when he yanked on the cord, pulling the (hot) straightener down on top of him. Thank goodness he was wearing his helmet bc it grazed his head and then hit the floor.

Little man cried for about 15 seconds after I scooped him up and cursed myself for being the worst Mom ever. I gave him a quick once over and fortunately, he was OK.

Flash forward to an hour later when we’re at school and I’m telling the whole thing to Miss Karen (who was kind enough to assure me that accidents happen and I shouldn’t feel too bad). Flash forward AGAIN to me sitting at my desk mid morning & getting a call from Miss Mariann that they found a burn mark on my little love bug’s hand!  Mom of the Year award REVOKED!

I called our pediatrician who said they get a call once or twice a month about curling iron and hair straightener burns and as long as it didn’t blister, he should be fine. I’m supposed to put Neosporin on it and keep it clean. Tylenol for any pain. So I went to daycare to check on him and I’m happy to report that he’s just fine. Scarred for life, but fine.

Learn from me, friends. Cords up!


In other G-man news, he continues to get stronger and more stable in standing. He can completely pull himself up now

And will cruise all around this round table at school.

He’s also gearing up for St. Patty’s day at school. Playing with a leprechaun’s hat….

And painting shamrocks with green paint…

Green makes a beautiful mess.

He’s mastered dumping all the toys out of the baskets…

And looking super cute when they tell him to smile.

The weather is so gorgeous here right now and we’re looking forward to a whole week of sunshine and temperate days. Hope yinz have a great one!

1 thought on “Tuesdays with Greyson ”

  1. Oh Jen the stories I could tell you about injuries to my kids….. You have no idea. Many more will come and you just learn to brush it off and as long as they are not seriously injured, no worries. One of my dummy moves I can remember vividly was when Devin started walking he came up behind me while I was vacuuming and I knocked him out with the vacume by hitting him square in the face. He turned out fine…. 😄 Keep your chin up mama!

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