The Beans first roadtrip

We just spent a super fun weekend with Aunt Stephanie!

And it was the Beans first car ride over an hour.

I was nervous.

We were encouraged to avoid long car rides when the kids were younger due to Greyson’s torticollis but the physical therapist thinks he’s far enough in treatment that a 4 hour trip would be fine.

And for the most part, things went pretty well. They slept for 3 hours on the way to Stephanie’s but the last hour, they were pretty annoyed. On the way home, the slept about 1/2 the time. I sat in the back and we watched about 15 minutes of Mickey Mouse clubhouse on youtube and then read some books.

They screamed and fussed the rest of the time. Oh well.

It was definitely worth the trip. They had such a great time exploring Aunt Stephanie’s beautiful house while I sweated everytime they moved because she has so many amazing (and breakable) things in her house.

We camped out a lot in this room, which I baby proofed a bit. They loved her fuzzy sheepskin rug!

After a super horrendous night of sleep on Friday (oh Fynnlee…), we drank 87 cups of coffee and then headed to a farm!

We read lots and lots of books about farm animals so we thought they would be so excited to see all of them live & in person.

They were curious but still a little to get omgamoocow!! excited.

We saw some sweet baby pigs.


and Tom the turkey

 Jerry and Fynn got up close and personal with this cow. If you know Jerry at all you find the fact that he is actually “petting” the cow hilarious!  


Saturday nights sleep was a bit better. I apologized and climbed into bed around 7:45 and was blessed with 8 hours of ZZZs. 

Aunt Steph made an awesome brunch for Sunday morning with an amazing coffee cake, strata and lots of fruit. The Beans got to meet some new friends and then, sadly, it’s was time to leave. 

“Gimme the keys…I’ll drive!”


“I can’t drive FIFTY FIVE….”

It was a fantastic trip and we can’t wait to see Aunt Stephanie again next month.  Ya know…when the Beans turn ONE.  

I can’t even. 

1 thought on “The Beans first roadtrip”

  1. It was such a fun weekend. They were, of course, PERFECT! More baby proofing in order for their next visit by which time they will be running around like maniacs! Loved having you guys here 🙂


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