Fridays with Fynnlee (& Greyson)

You may have noticed…we are http://www.greyandfynn.com! There is no longer the .wordpress in our site address. Please make sure you update your Favorites!

In other news…the CRUD has officially left the building! It’s no secret that I’m a huge baby when I’m sick. Huge. I’m grumpy, irritable, my patience is zero…and all I want to do is sleep. Not the way the Matriarch of our little family is suppose to act. Needless to say, everyone is much happier when I feel better. And just in time for Spring to show up!

So let’s catch up on last week. Last Friday, the kids fell asleep on the way home from daycare so we decided to take advantage of their late nap and treat ourselves to a fun dinner out!

We’ve been dying to try the Pig Iron ever since it opened and it didn’t disappoint. I got the steak sandwich (don’t I always get the steak sandwich) and it was amazing! As were the fresh cut fries. And the fried pretzels with beer cheese dip and honey mustard. A healthy meal? No. But it was worth it!

Saturday was errand central. The kids fell asleep during our outing to Costco.

And Fynnlee kept on sleeping when we hit the market district. Greyson woke up and got to meet the Easter Bunny. He was a fan, clearly.

In other baby news, we’re hitting our strides with finger foods. My turkey meatloaf and steamed potatoes were well received.

Even by Fynnlee! Who is now putting everything in her mouth, smooshing it around and then spitting it right out.

Yes, I still consider this progress. PB (pre-Beans) I made a promise to myself never to post pictures of my kids with smashed, half eaten food on their faces. Because…Ew. But this is their story and sometimes it’s pretty Ew.

The whole family went to Greyson’s helmet appointment and the babes took over the waiting room.

toys = content babies = happy parents. That’s twin math, btw.

Look at them sharing! So sweet. And so brief. 2 seconds after snapping this picture, Greyson snatched the toy and Fynnlee started screaming. At least he’s giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Greyson’s head is still improving and we have another 4 weeks until our next appointment. I’m guessing he’ll be released from treatment at that point. Just in time for his first birthday haircut! We have a Julius Caesar/Justin Bieber situation going on with his hair at the moment. His bangs are all rubbed off in the front and the sides are about 4 inches long. Not his best look.

Our final note for the week is story time. We’ve incorporated more books into our nighttime routine and they love it so much. Greyson squeals at the sight of Cheep, Cheep Pop Up Fun and it’s a must read every single night. Popup books are their thing, fo sho.

And the best part of the recap…School Stuff!

They put their handprints on eggs.

and tried to eat them.

You know how they love to shake stuff in a can.

and beat it like a drum.


Is so exciting!

And guess who loves giant plastic eggs? Squish!

Apparently she loves them a lot.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

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