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Easter Weekend 2016

I don’t know about you guys, but I could get used to 3 Day Weekends! I had Good Friday off, as did the kiddos. It was so nice to have a day off with the Beans. We had a blast playing all day and I got to catch up on all of our laundry during their epic 2 hours naps. Yes, napS. One in the morning & one in the afternoon! Hooray!

I wasn’t going to do Easter baskets for the kids this year for obvious reasons. But I changed my mind at the last minute and picked up a couple cute ones at Target (where else?). Grandma & Papa sent them a giant Mickey & Minnie from Florida and I found a few little things to add to them. The Mice were a huge hit and the other stuff…well, it was ok.

You might have seen the picture on Instagram but it’s all Mickey, all the time at our house. I know, I know…no screen time until they’re 2. (Who came up with that bright idea anyway?? I guarantee they didn’t have twins! Or they had tons of free time, a nanny, a chef and a housekeeper. This mama needs to get stuff done. And I’m 100% ok with my little Disney babysitters. Note: they usually sit in their highchairs to watch TV.)

So back to Easter. We had a cute Gymboree little dress ($4.99 from ThredUp!), a crisp white shirt from baby Gap w/ a baby bowtie and a perfect Spring Day. Photo Shoot!

Yeah, cold wet, grass is on Fynnlee’s most hated list.

The blanket made things a little better. But I had already soured the mood.

I couldn’t get a smile out of either of them to save my life! #momfail

We went to my Mom’s to eat too much Ham, scalloped potatoes, lasagne and chocolate eggs. Don’t my guys look super handsome? (note the Julius Cesear/Justin Bieber hair thing I mentioned on Greyson. He’s still adorable.)  Matching bowties from Haddon Co.

The babes were so well behaved while we ate dinner. Thanks to…you guessed it…Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Yes that’s a babydoll Greyson is playing with. And no, I do not see a problem with it.

Bring on Spring!

3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2016”

  1. Love it all!! Happy Easter (belated!). My Enzo plays with a pink and purple picnic basket over his dump truck, that is Gigi’s favorite! Well rounded kids!


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