Tuesdays with Greyson

Bathtub edition

We all know how much lovebug adores bathtime. But this new found mobility has made it a lot more interesting.

The spigot makes an awesome new toy. The whale faucet cover was much needed.

Because Greyson refuses to sit down these days. And we had a few near misses with him almost banging his head into the metal.

Fortunately the floor of the tub is super textured so it’s very anti-slip. He is actually crawling now because of all his water practice (can’t army crawl under water!)

Tonight was the first time we bathed the Beans together. I was pretty gun shy before because they weren’t super stable sitting up. But they are pros now…that doesn’t mean I don’t watch them like a hawk. And have Jerry sit in the bathroom with me. Just in case..

Hope you all have a squeaky clean Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Greyson”

  1. So stinkin cute! I miss them. And you. Do you ever wonder how we ever hung out when the boys were little?! We should meet up at Pig Iron – soon! Xo

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