Fynnlee, Greyson

12 Months

Today, my babies turn one. {Hold me}



The last 12 months have been the most fulfilling days of life. Watching these Beans go from helpless tiny newborns to these amazingly determined, strong little people is at the top of my life’s highlight reel. Somehow I was gifted this great honor of being their Mom. It’s a job I take very seriously and pinch myself every single day that I’m lucky enough to share my life with them.

I spend my days wanting them to stay just like they are. Don’t grow one bit more. And then I get excited so see what’s ahead for them. There is so much good stuff yet to come. I think about Fynnlee one day saying “I luv you Mummy” and my heart swells to ginormous proportions. But then I think about 2 week old, little, bitty Greyson looking into my eyes for the first time and die a little inside. I think a lot of time spent as a parent is spent toggling between the past and the future. But I’m really trying to learn to stay focused on the present. Because every day with them is pretty amazing.

And today, we celebrate the first year of life of Greyson & Fynnlee. My perfect, little miracles.


Greyson Paul and Fynnlee Ann, you have made our family complete. It’s not possible to express how much I love you and the happiness you bring to our lives is beyond words. My heart is so full that I’m afraid it may burst and I look forward to every single day I get to spend with you. I am so, so am blessed to call you mine.

Happy Birthday Beans!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Friday Fun

After a couple of days of sappy, sentimental posts, I think it’s time for some FUN! Just in time for Friday. We’ve got the whole Soscia family in the ‘burgh for the big party tomorrow. Grandma & Poppa arrived on Wednesday night and Aunt Stephanie and GG come tonight!

It’s about to get rowdy round here.

I didn’t want to get behind on our school pictures because I know everyone looks forward to seeing them. So here’s what the kids were up to this week.

These babes love sensory tubes.

It’s a good time flinging them around and watching all the stuff inside move around.

And you know shaking stuff in a can is always a hit!

Those cans are blurry for a good reason! Our kids are expert shakers.

It rained most of the day on Wednesday so they had some fun splashing around indoors. 

You know these water babies loved this activity! 

And of course, it’s a big day for the birthday twins.

When they return to school next week, they will officially be toddlers.



Ugh. At least I convinced Miss Mariann and Miss Karen that “they’re not ready” to move to the next class. Wink Wink. #reallymomisnotready

Today they played with birthday puzzles. Moo, Baa, Oink, Cluck

Apparently Fynnlee didn’t want to share. Because apparently Fynnlee loves puzzles. And Fynnlee just doesn’t like to share.

Greyson loved picking out the puzzle pieces and flinging them around the room.

Fling and shake. Oh yeah!

We have a 12 Month Update and a party recap on tap for next week. These two have their 12 month checkup on Tuesday. Yikes!

Have a magical weekend!


12 Months of Fynnlee

Birthday – HELLO WORLD! 11:46am, 6.7lbs, 19.5 inches long. My first born. The little ninja that kicked me all those months. One look at her and she takes my breath away.


One Month – Figuring out our routine. Does not like to be awake and not receiving 100% of your attention. Nurses like a champ. Aunt Steph and GG visit. Hates baby wearing and tummy time. Loves cuddles and kisses.


Two Months – Roadtrip to Florida. Rockstar traveler. Content to just chill and observe. Nurses for the last time, starts formula exclusively. Obsessed with the ABC song (Daddy sings it best)


Three Months – Starts school. Finds her sweet side. Killing it in tummy time. Long naps and sleeping through the night.


Four Months – develops a love of Wheels on the Bus. Total chatterbox. Will spend hours in the swing watching the mobile. Grabs at everything.


Five Months – Big belly laughs. Adores bath time even though she doesn’t quite fit in the tub. Gets the stomach flu and spends her days naked. Loves the activity mat. Starts eating pureed food and loves all fruit and veggies.


Six Months – stands with assistance. Sitting unassisted. Rolls over. First Halloween…meow. Loves the morning and has started giving giant hugs when you pluck her from the crib.


Seven Months – Catches horrible virus that wipes her out for 5 days. Sleeps on her belly 100% of the time. no teeth. Reaches with her arms to be picked up. Gets her helmet.


Eight Months – First Christmas. 1 tooth. Loooooves the jumperoo. Has developed excellent fine motor skills. Babbles dadadadaaa constantly. Can stand while holding on to things for a short period of time.



Nine Months – 2.5 teeth. Takes shaky steps holding onto our hands. Likes to be the boss. Clicks her tongue and drives the dog crazy.


Ten Months – 5 teeth. Claps at everything. Crawls everywhere. Can push up to sitting from her belly. Walks well holding on to our hands. First time in the baby pool. 


Eleven Months – can stand unassisted for a few seconds. Eight teeth. Cruises around furniture like nobody’s business. Can pull up to standing and lower back down. Pushes the baby walker around with purpose.

Twelve Months – Finally eating solid foods (crunchies are everything). Loves blocks and books. Mickey Mouse is her boyfriend. Thinks her Dada hung the moon. Can turn the baby walker around and go wherever she wants. Nothing stands in her way!

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s my Squish. You are sweetness & light with the perfect amount of sass. You are exceptionally determined and you do not let anything get in your way. This world better look out, because you are going to make you mark. I adore your gusto and find your new-found sensitive side exceptionally endearing. My beautiful, smart baby girl…I love everything about you.


12 Months of Greyson

Birthday – Burst into the world at 11:47 am on 4/30/15. 5.4lbs and 17.75 inches. Spent 48 hours in the NICU. Stole our hearts with his first breath.

One Month – Packing on the pounds. Finding our feeding/sleeping groove. Quiet and calm most of the time. Mama is obsessed with his chicken legs.


Two Months – diagnosed with torticollis. Loves to hang out in the baby sling. Takes first airplane ride to Florida. Loses most of his baby hair & looks like George Costanza.


Three Months – Finds his belly laugh. Sleeps 10 hours straight for the first time. Starts school and physical therapy. Sits in the bumbo like a big boy.


Four Months – Rolls from tummy to back. Tolerating tummy time. Grabs everything within his reach. Falls in love with “wheels on the bus”. Happiest baby in the world.

Five Months – Starts solid food. Loves bananas. Babbles non-stop. Rolls front to back & back to front. Fitted for his helmet. Groans in his sleep all. night. long.


Six Months – celebrates his first Halloween…Ribbit. Cuts 2 teeth. Starts sleeping on his belly. Eats all the fruit and veggie puree I offer. Finds his squeal. Can sit up with the Boppy pillow.


Seven Months – Happy Thanksgiving. Gets his helmet. Sits up all by himself. Can stand with support. Decides he loves books. Blueberries are his new favorite food. Rolls everywhere.


Eight Months – Has 4 teeth. Starts getting baths in the big tub. First Christmas! Discovers the temper tantrum. Mostly giggles at everything.


Nine Months – 5 teeth. Army crawls all over the joint. Finds his ornery side. Starts pulling up on things. Can stand unassisted (holding on to something)


Ten Months – 6 teeth…drools non stop. Still army crawling. Pushes up to sitting from his belly. Balance improving. Puffs are crack. Will find a cord or string within a 20 mile radius and make it his.


Eleven Months – crawls everywhere. Pulls up to standing…can lower back to sitting. Decides he hates diaper changes or getting dressed. Clap, clap, clap.


Twelve Months – has 8 teeth. Is wicked fast with the baby walker. still obsessed with cords. Bathtime is his favorite. Total Mama’s boy.


Kiddo, they broke the mold with you. You are such an amazing, smart, kind little boy. I love watching you discover new things…seeing those wheels turn in your head. You have an infectious enthusiasm for life and embrace everything thrown at you with ease. I love you with all of my heart and soul, Bug. Bring on year 2!


Fridays with Fynnlee

It’s Friday!! Yay!


We have nothing to do this weekend. As in, we have nothing that we HAVE to do this weekend. Which means we’ll (hopefully) get done what we NEED to do this weekend. Which is get our house ready for some special guests. Grandma and Papa are coming to town! And Aunt Stephanie and GG too!


Because in case you didn’t know….these little maniacs turn ONE next weekend.


I can’t deny it any longer. The Beans are about to be toddlers. Holy geez…


I have a lot of posts planned for next week so the Tuesday and Friday updates will be on hold. Not to worry, I’ll catch you all up on their school days soon enough. Because you wouldn’t want to miss things like…Fynnlee painting her hair.

Yes, that happened.  But other fun stuff also happened!

We worked on our kitchen progression painting. With a spatula.


And a whisk.

Mom told us Aunt Stephanie went to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden last week. So Fynn started practicing with the keyboard.

Sing us a song, you’re the piano man….

And we played with pop up toys. Open/close…open/close…open/close

Have a fantastic weekend!


Tuesdays with Greyson 

I can’t even with this picture. That look on his face. And all of a sudden, he’s 15.

Aunt Stephanie sent us some new Pop Up fun books. These Little Snappers books are, by far, Greyson’s favorite. Cheep Cheep, Snip Snap and Splish Splash. He would listen (and try to rip out the pop up insert) for hours.  Dada is often tasked with storytime as he does the best animal voices.

Bathtime is still the best time. I can’t WAIT to get our little boy to the pool this summer! He is such a water baby. We had great intentions of enrolling in the Goldfish Swim School over the winter but whomp whomp…we didn’t. I think he’d be just as content in a baby pool at our house. I saw the cutest little splash mat too that I think they would love.

He says in the water until he’s a prune.

We have (what I hope is) our final helmet appointment tomorrow. Unless I hear, “I think we would see some great improvement if we left in on for one more month”, we’re done. His noggin is so much better than it was and he’s been such a trooper. I think 6 months is long enough.

He’s going to look back at his baby pictures and yell at me for this hair style. But I make the rules now and I love it like this. My little prepster.

So onto school time!  Last week they finished their progression paintings. With a spatula…

and a whisk. I can only imagine how much paint he flung onto the floor.

They got a new piano and he made the most beautiful songs by banging on it.

He has always loved this ball.

And he’s learning to roll it back and forth to his teachers!

Have a great week!


Fridays with Fynnlee

Alternatively titled: I know it’s Monday but I messed up
or: I thought I scheduled this blog post but entered the wrong date
or: I promise I didn’t forget about you, sweet daughter.


I was planning to start a recurring weekend recap post anyway…no time like the present!

So let’s start with Fynnlee (I promise this won’t be the norm, Squish.)

Scenes from the school week.

The start of her progression painting…excellent way to learn how to use a sponge!

Part two…scrubby brushes get the job done!

Playing with pots and pans is such a good time

Bang, bang, bang! They’re loud when you clap them together too!

Can’t wait for summer corn! (We joined a CSA farmshare this summer. Yay!)

She’s got her pick of foam blocks to play with.

I’ll take this one, thank you very much”


Squishy will be back to having her own day this Friday. Pinky Swear.

So the weekend…

You might have seen on instagram that we built a baby jail. Jerry doesn’t like when I call it that but it’s been awesome! Our whole main floor is one big wide open space. We love the open concept…not so great for babies on the move! They’ve become so curious and so quick! It’s really been tough to keep an eye on both of them when you’re on baby duty alone. Even with two of us, it’s hard!

We bought this extra long baby gate , along with this 2 panel extension . We had to bolt it into the walls (which we wanted to avoid but it’s the only way to ensure they couldn’t push it over) and now they have a whole (mostly) baby proofed room to play in. And Jacob is free to go up and down the stairs at his leisure.

It doesn’t stop them from climbing on the couch…(fear not, I was right next to them)

How was the weather in your neck of the woods? Pittsburgh was picture perfect! Mid 70s, no humidity, blue skies, light wind. Thank you mother nature! The family took a few nice walks around the hood.

Sunshine calls for Shades! I forgot their hats…thank goodness for Babiators! Let’s talk about this stroller for a minute? We have the Baby Jogger City Select and the most part, I like it. It is easy to navigate, is easy to steer, has great storage, etc. But it seems so uncomfortable for the kids! The seats aren’t very supportive and the bottom part seems like it’s made out of cardboard. Are we doing something wrong?

We covered a few miles on Saturday and it wiped Fynnlee out! I need to get a head support for this poor child.

Sunday we celebrated Oliver’s first birthday at the park. I had a total Mom Fail and dressed the kids in dark, long sleeve shirts and long pants. On an 80 degree day. And that’s why Greyson isn’t wearing pants in this pic.  I’m ordering one of these blow up tent things. Genius!

Then we met friends at Red Fin’s for dinner.  What an awesome day for dining on the river. Unfortunately, Fynn was tired and kind of being a grouch. She finally fell asleep and missed most of the fun!

So that was Friday and that was the weekend! Hope you all have a great week!