Fridays with Fynnlee

Alternatively titled: I know it’s Monday but I messed up
or: I thought I scheduled this blog post but entered the wrong date
or: I promise I didn’t forget about you, sweet daughter.


I was planning to start a recurring weekend recap post anyway…no time like the present!

So let’s start with Fynnlee (I promise this won’t be the norm, Squish.)

Scenes from the school week.

The start of her progression painting…excellent way to learn how to use a sponge!

Part two…scrubby brushes get the job done!

Playing with pots and pans is such a good time

Bang, bang, bang! They’re loud when you clap them together too!

Can’t wait for summer corn! (We joined a CSA farmshare this summer. Yay!)

She’s got her pick of foam blocks to play with.

I’ll take this one, thank you very much”


Squishy will be back to having her own day this Friday. Pinky Swear.

So the weekend…

You might have seen on instagram that we built a baby jail. Jerry doesn’t like when I call it that but it’s been awesome! Our whole main floor is one big wide open space. We love the open concept…not so great for babies on the move! They’ve become so curious and so quick! It’s really been tough to keep an eye on both of them when you’re on baby duty alone. Even with two of us, it’s hard!

We bought this extra long baby gate , along with this 2 panel extension . We had to bolt it into the walls (which we wanted to avoid but it’s the only way to ensure they couldn’t push it over) and now they have a whole (mostly) baby proofed room to play in. And Jacob is free to go up and down the stairs at his leisure.

It doesn’t stop them from climbing on the couch…(fear not, I was right next to them)

How was the weather in your neck of the woods? Pittsburgh was picture perfect! Mid 70s, no humidity, blue skies, light wind. Thank you mother nature! The family took a few nice walks around the hood.

Sunshine calls for Shades! I forgot their hats…thank goodness for Babiators! Let’s talk about this stroller for a minute? We have the Baby Jogger City Select and the most part, I like it. It is easy to navigate, is easy to steer, has great storage, etc. But it seems so uncomfortable for the kids! The seats aren’t very supportive and the bottom part seems like it’s made out of cardboard. Are we doing something wrong?

We covered a few miles on Saturday and it wiped Fynnlee out! I need to get a head support for this poor child.

Sunday we celebrated Oliver’s first birthday at the park. I had a total Mom Fail and dressed the kids in dark, long sleeve shirts and long pants. On an 80 degree day. And that’s why Greyson isn’t wearing pants in this pic.  I’m ordering one of these blow up tent things. Genius!

Then we met friends at Red Fin’s for dinner.  What an awesome day for dining on the river. Unfortunately, Fynn was tired and kind of being a grouch. She finally fell asleep and missed most of the fun!

So that was Friday and that was the weekend! Hope you all have a great week! 

3 thoughts on “Fridays with Fynnlee”

  1. Look at all of her teeth!! Gasp! So cute! I’ve been on the hunt for one of those shade thingys as well, post a link when you find it please! As for the stroller, I haven’t noticed that the seats aren’t supportive at all, but I don’t like how whoever is in the back is kicking the kid in the front. I tend to put Gigi in the back because she is always holding onto her toes anyway so her legs are in the air!!


      1. Yeah, there is nothing perfect but it works! I did notice yesterday that the seats sag, like they are on cardboard. Cripes! Thanks for the link!


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