Tuesdays with Greyson 

I can’t even with this picture. That look on his face. And all of a sudden, he’s 15.

Aunt Stephanie sent us some new Pop Up fun books. These Little Snappers books are, by far, Greyson’s favorite. Cheep Cheep, Snip Snap and Splish Splash. He would listen (and try to rip out the pop up insert) for hours.  Dada is often tasked with storytime as he does the best animal voices.

Bathtime is still the best time. I can’t WAIT to get our little boy to the pool this summer! He is such a water baby. We had great intentions of enrolling in the Goldfish Swim School over the winter but whomp whomp…we didn’t. I think he’d be just as content in a baby pool at our house. I saw the cutest little splash mat too that I think they would love.

He says in the water until he’s a prune.

We have (what I hope is) our final helmet appointment tomorrow. Unless I hear, “I think we would see some great improvement if we left in on for one more month”, we’re done. His noggin is so much better than it was and he’s been such a trooper. I think 6 months is long enough.

He’s going to look back at his baby pictures and yell at me for this hair style. But I make the rules now and I love it like this. My little prepster.

So onto school time!  Last week they finished their progression paintings. With a spatula…

and a whisk. I can only imagine how much paint he flung onto the floor.

They got a new piano and he made the most beautiful songs by banging on it.

He has always loved this ball.

And he’s learning to roll it back and forth to his teachers!

Have a great week!

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