Fridays with Fynnlee

It’s Friday!! Yay!


We have nothing to do this weekend. As in, we have nothing that we HAVE to do this weekend. Which means we’ll (hopefully) get done what we NEED to do this weekend. Which is get our house ready for some special guests. Grandma and Papa are coming to town! And Aunt Stephanie and GG too!


Because in case you didn’t know….these little maniacs turn ONE next weekend.


I can’t deny it any longer. The Beans are about to be toddlers. Holy geez…


I have a lot of posts planned for next week so the Tuesday and Friday updates will be on hold. Not to worry, I’ll catch you all up on their school days soon enough. Because you wouldn’t want to miss things like…Fynnlee painting her hair.

Yes, that happened.  But other fun stuff also happened!

We worked on our kitchen progression painting. With a spatula.


And a whisk.

Mom told us Aunt Stephanie went to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden last week. So Fynn started practicing with the keyboard.

Sing us a song, you’re the piano man….

And we played with pop up toys. Open/close…open/close…open/close

Have a fantastic weekend!

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