12 Months of Greyson

Birthday – Burst into the world at 11:47 am on 4/30/15. 5.4lbs and 17.75 inches. Spent 48 hours in the NICU. Stole our hearts with his first breath.

One Month – Packing on the pounds. Finding our feeding/sleeping groove. Quiet and calm most of the time. Mama is obsessed with his chicken legs.


Two Months – diagnosed with torticollis. Loves to hang out in the baby sling. Takes first airplane ride to Florida. Loses most of his baby hair & looks like George Costanza.


Three Months – Finds his belly laugh. Sleeps 10 hours straight for the first time. Starts school and physical therapy. Sits in the bumbo like a big boy.


Four Months – Rolls from tummy to back. Tolerating tummy time. Grabs everything within his reach. Falls in love with “wheels on the bus”. Happiest baby in the world.

Five Months – Starts solid food. Loves bananas. Babbles non-stop. Rolls front to back & back to front. Fitted for his helmet. Groans in his sleep all. night. long.


Six Months – celebrates his first Halloween…Ribbit. Cuts 2 teeth. Starts sleeping on his belly. Eats all the fruit and veggie puree I offer. Finds his squeal. Can sit up with the Boppy pillow.


Seven Months – Happy Thanksgiving. Gets his helmet. Sits up all by himself. Can stand with support. Decides he loves books. Blueberries are his new favorite food. Rolls everywhere.


Eight Months – Has 4 teeth. Starts getting baths in the big tub. First Christmas! Discovers the temper tantrum. Mostly giggles at everything.


Nine Months – 5 teeth. Army crawls all over the joint. Finds his ornery side. Starts pulling up on things. Can stand unassisted (holding on to something)


Ten Months – 6 teeth…drools non stop. Still army crawling. Pushes up to sitting from his belly. Balance improving. Puffs are crack. Will find a cord or string within a 20 mile radius and make it his.


Eleven Months – crawls everywhere. Pulls up to standing…can lower back to sitting. Decides he hates diaper changes or getting dressed. Clap, clap, clap.


Twelve Months – has 8 teeth. Is wicked fast with the baby walker. still obsessed with cords. Bathtime is his favorite. Total Mama’s boy.


Kiddo, they broke the mold with you. You are such an amazing, smart, kind little boy. I love watching you discover new things…seeing those wheels turn in your head. You have an infectious enthusiasm for life and embrace everything thrown at you with ease. I love you with all of my heart and soul, Bug. Bring on year 2!

5 thoughts on “12 Months of Greyson”

  1. Read with tears of joy, delight and pride in my eyes! Can only thank Jen and Jarrad for keeping us in the loop with pictures and facetime. It has made all the difference in the world to us. We don’t feel so detached… however nothing like a real live hug and kiss! Lois


  2. This brought tears to my eyes – I love the month by month recap but just illustrates how fast time goes by. Happy birthday, big boy!


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