12 Months of Fynnlee

Birthday – HELLO WORLD! 11:46am, 6.7lbs, 19.5 inches long. My first born. The little ninja that kicked me all those months. One look at her and she takes my breath away.


One Month – Figuring out our routine. Does not like to be awake and not receiving 100% of your attention. Nurses like a champ. Aunt Steph and GG visit. Hates baby wearing and tummy time. Loves cuddles and kisses.


Two Months – Roadtrip to Florida. Rockstar traveler. Content to just chill and observe. Nurses for the last time, starts formula exclusively. Obsessed with the ABC song (Daddy sings it best)


Three Months – Starts school. Finds her sweet side. Killing it in tummy time. Long naps and sleeping through the night.


Four Months – develops a love of Wheels on the Bus. Total chatterbox. Will spend hours in the swing watching the mobile. Grabs at everything.


Five Months – Big belly laughs. Adores bath time even though she doesn’t quite fit in the tub. Gets the stomach flu and spends her days naked. Loves the activity mat. Starts eating pureed food and loves all fruit and veggies.


Six Months – stands with assistance. Sitting unassisted. Rolls over. First Halloween…meow. Loves the morning and has started giving giant hugs when you pluck her from the crib.


Seven Months – Catches horrible virus that wipes her out for 5 days. Sleeps on her belly 100% of the time. no teeth. Reaches with her arms to be picked up. Gets her helmet.


Eight Months – First Christmas. 1 tooth. Loooooves the jumperoo. Has developed excellent fine motor skills. Babbles dadadadaaa constantly. Can stand while holding on to things for a short period of time.



Nine Months – 2.5 teeth. Takes shaky steps holding onto our hands. Likes to be the boss. Clicks her tongue and drives the dog crazy.


Ten Months – 5 teeth. Claps at everything. Crawls everywhere. Can push up to sitting from her belly. Walks well holding on to our hands. First time in the baby pool. 


Eleven Months – can stand unassisted for a few seconds. Eight teeth. Cruises around furniture like nobody’s business. Can pull up to standing and lower back down. Pushes the baby walker around with purpose.

Twelve Months – Finally eating solid foods (crunchies are everything). Loves blocks and books. Mickey Mouse is her boyfriend. Thinks her Dada hung the moon. Can turn the baby walker around and go wherever she wants. Nothing stands in her way!

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s my Squish. You are sweetness & light with the perfect amount of sass. You are exceptionally determined and you do not let anything get in your way. This world better look out, because you are going to make you mark. I adore your gusto and find your new-found sensitive side exceptionally endearing. My beautiful, smart baby girl…I love everything about you.

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