Fridays with Fynnlee

My pretty Squishy is now a toddler!

And with her advanced age, comes advanced problems. Little Miss took her first major tumble.

She’s been wobbly walkin all over the place and yesterday she took a header into a wooden bench at school. And landed on her mouth. And bloodied up her tooth. Then about a half hour later, she fell again…face first…into the toy box. You can see a little bruise on her nose in the picture below. (How ornery does Greyson look??)

Growing up is hard, yinz guys!

Then last night when I was changing her into her jammies, she dropped a plastic block on her mouth. While I was shushing the screams, I noticed that her front tooth was bleeding at the base and looked a bit crooked. She wouldn’t let me get a good look in her mouth and we I kicked around taking her to the ER. Jerry, being the calm and collected parent, reminded me that her Grandma is a dentist and I should call her first.

Grandma Anna to the rescue! Turns out it was not a dire emergency and she should be fine. Her tooth might turn gray but shouldn’t fall out. Give her some Tylenol for the pain and soft foods for a week or so.

And lucky for us, Grandma Soscia (or is it Grandma Lois? I don’t think we’ve decided) made a big batch of meatballs for the Beans before she returned to Florida. 

And Fynnlee (Greyson too) loves them.

So one trip to the doctors was all that was needed this week.

Three cheers for that!

The 12 month recap didn’t happen this week and I’m waiting for the pictures to come in to do a birthday post.  In case you were wondering.

Happy Friday


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