Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – One Year

We survived the first year! And now we have toddlers. So. Flipping. Crazy.

I know went all saptacular around their birthday about these Beans getting big and not being my teeny little peanuts anymore. But the truth is…this age is WAY better than month one. These two interactive, mobile maniacs are super fun and much easier to manage than newborns. I still love the baby months, but I’m definitely Team Toddler (tantrums & all…).

So what’s going on at ONE YEAR? All kinds of fun stuff

Fynnlee Ann

Birth: 6lbs 7oz
1 month: 8lbs 12oz (38%)
2 months: 11lbs 6oz (66%)
4 months: 17lbs 6oz (92%)
6 (1/2) months: 20lbs 2oz (94%)
9 months: 21lbs 15 oz (93%)
12 months: 23lbs 10 oz (92%)
Birth: 19.5 inches
1 month: 20.25 inches (14 %)
2 months: 22.25 inches (58%)
4 months: 24.75 inches (53%)
6 (1/2) months: 26.25 inches (44%)
9 months: 29 inches (62%)
12 months 29.5 inches (61%)

Fynnlee took her first steps the day before her first birthday. She let go of the coffee table, looked at Jarrad and walked right over to him. He was ecstatic. Daddy’s girl indeed. She’s been walking in short bursts ever since. She’s actually getting a little cocky. I know a few bumps and bruises are inevitable but I’m hoping to avoid any serious injuries. Wish us luck.

I mentioned last week that she fell at school and I’ve noticed it’s slowed her down a bit. She a little more tentative with her steps but will burst into a baby run when she’s coming toward you. She’s become a bit reserved with strangers. Not fearful, just cautious. But once she’s comfortable, she’ll go to anyone. Her giggles stop me in my tracks and I do something that makes her laugh, you can bet that I do it over and over like a crazy lunatic. No matter how stupid I look.

*Can stand unassisted for several seconds.
*Can take 7 or 8 steps by herself.]
*waves goodbye, kind of
*rolls/throws the ball back to you/at you
*Loves anything metal…into her mouth it goes.
*Her temper tantrums are legendary. Feed Greyson before her…tantrum. Greyson steals a toy…tantrum. The walker gets stuck in a corner…tantrum. The toddler days are going to be epic.
*hates diaper changes.
*Can turn the baby walker in any direction.
*She really likes all books. She sits so quietly and really listens to the story.

Greyson Paul

Birth: 5lbs 4 oz
1 month: 6lbs 12oz (0%)
2 months: 9 lbs 10 oz (6 %)
4 months: 15lbs 3oz (35%)
6 (1/2) months: 17lbs 15oz (46%)
9 months: 19lbs 11oz (49%)
12 months: 21lbs 10oz (54%)
Birth: 17.75 inches
1 month: 19.5 inches (0 %)
2 months: 21 inches (1 %)
4 months: 24.25 (8%)
6 (1/2) months: 26 inches (11%)
9 months: 28.5 inches (15%)
12 months: 29.0 inches (17%)

The Monday before he turned one, Greyson had a rough night. We put him in his crib at his usual bedtime and he screamed and cried for 2 hours. We gave him Advil (I thought maybe teeth?) and he basically cried himself to sleep. We had 4 or 5 wake-ups that night and I called the doctor first thing in the morning as this was definitely not his usual demeanor. Boom! Double ear infection. This child has never had a single ear infection and (silly me) I thought we were out of the woods as far as ear infections go. Apparently not. Lucky for us, the antibiotic did the trick and along with some well timed Advil, he slept pretty well the rest of the week. But man oh man…my heart aches for you Moms out there that have to deal with chronic ear infections. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. My poor baby.

Other than that, GP is one healthy little boy. He still sees the physical therapist for his torticollis every other week, but he’s almost finished with that as well. He is whip smart (no really, he is) and so inquisitive. His fine motor skills are exceptional and his favorite activity is opening and shutting things. Doors, books, latches…open, shut, open, shut, rinse, repeat.

*can take a step by himself
*Loves to run at you from a foot away, full blast and fall on you. He thinks it’s so funny.
*Says Mama and Dada appropriately. Not consistently.
*His balance is pretty shaky, and he knows it, so he will cruise holding onto whatever he can find. Including the wall. It’s pretty impressive.
*Still loves baths. He stood up one day and slipped…he caught himself but his face hit the water for a second. He shook it off and then plunged his face right back into the water. Over and over. Mini Michael Phelps in the making.
*cutting 2 molars
*graduated from his helmet


Mid-month, I made the mistake of Googling “Sample daily menu for a 1 year old”. The first 10 or so sites it lead me to indicated I should be eliminating milk except at mealtime and they should be eating 3 meals and 3 snacks. Basically I should be doing everything I’m not doing. And I kind of panicked. But then I shook it off and said to myself “Screw you Google and all of your confusing feeding advice. I’m going to do what I want to do because I’m the Mom and what I say goes” (Get used to hearing that last part, Beans).

So, they get a 6-8 oz of milk first thing in the morning and before bed. And 4 oz twice during the day. They’re also offered water at meals. 3 meals per day and 2 snacks. Breakfast is usually yogurt and fruit. Lunch is whatever the school is offering that day. And dinner is a mishmash of what’s in the fridge and usually a pouch. I stopped stressing about them getting all the food groups at every meal. Or that they don’t love meat. Or that Fynnlee won’t eat a lot of textures.

And then all of a sudden, It just kind of clicked. Chicken and meatballs are their favorite meat. They love cheese. Fynnlee will eat lots of textures (she still spits some out but whatever…don’t care.) Greyson has become a little more picky but he still eats a variety of things. They get fruit and veggies (usually in pureed form) every day and they are thriving. So guess what…Mom knows best.


Asleep by 7. Awake by 5. That is the norm. The past week Fynnlee has been getting up at 4/4:30 and it’s been pretty brutal. There are some days where Greyson will sleep until 6 or Fynn will sleep till 5:30. But it’s not very often. I think we’re going to try and tweak their nighttime routine a bit and see if we can get a later bedtime. Ugh.

G-man still takes two good solid naps every day. At least hour. Sometimes 3. Fynnlee is still FOMO and naps at least once a day. But she fights it with all she’s got. This girl can barely keep her eyes open but she’s not. going. to. sleep. But then she does after a few (or lots of) tears. And she’ll snooze for an hour or so.


New bullet to replace poop.

It’s pretty much the cutest thing in the entire world to watch these two play with each other. They are still really good at playing independently, but they are interacting together more and more every day. They chase each other around. They motor around the room with their walkers. And they’ll just be sitting there, playing with blocks and start laughing. The sweetest baby giggles ever. I have no idea what’s so funny…and I have a feeling the secret conversations are only going to grow as they get older. I love it.

Favorite toys: wooden blocks. Bright Starts Roaring lion. Baby walkers. We have this one and this one. rubber balls. Activity cube. Drop and go dump truck. Toilet paper. spoons.


It has been a crazy, insane, amazing year.  These kiddos bring sunshine to every day and I can’t imagine my life without them. Thanks for following their first year. The monthly updates will continue…but those damn pictures in the white onsies will not!

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