Tuesdays with Greyson

Someone has graduated from his helmet!

This picture was taken on his last day wearing his corrective headgear. While he was having fun playing with ice cubes.

At our last appointment, we agreed that we’d do two weeks with the helmet 23/7 and then two weeks just at night. Well, when little G man came down with a double ear infection a couple weeks ago, I made the executive decision to give him a break through his first birthday. The “sideburns” of the helmet put pressure on his ears and he was miserable enough.

So the Monday after his birthday, he was feeling well enough to go back to 23/7 wearing so we (Jerry & I) agreed that he’d do another 10 days and then just wear it at night until his appointment on the 18th.

When I pulled the helmet off for his free hour, he had a big, oozing brush burn on the side that gets the most contact with the helmet. I had been warned that less time in the helmet would mess with the fit. I just didn’t realize that it would get that tight over the course of 5 days.

I decided right there that he was done. Jerry wasn’t thrilled but I put my foot down. Greyson has been such a trooper this whole time. And his head has improved so much. It’s not perfect…but it wouldn’t have been even if we carried on for the full last month.

He looks so much like Fynnlee in this picture.

So bye bye helmet! We are so thankful we were able to have Greyson treated. Wearing the helmet was really no big deal for him and the improvement is amazing.

Now onto school stuff! This day was all about books!

Greyson loves books!

He also worked hard on some springtime paintings

made with flowers instead of a brush. Brilliant!

Spring has sprung!

Now if it would just stop raining!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Greyson”

  1. He turned out great compared where he started. I completely recommend Union prothestics, very easy to work with.


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