Fridays with Fynnlee

Last night was a rough one…

Actually, all things considered. It wasn’t too bad.

When we got home from work yesterday, Fynnlee was super fussy and when I pulled her out of her carseat, I noticed she was really hot. 103.4. Yikes. She was really lethargic and very snuggly.

Now I will never, ever turn down Fynnlee snuggles…but it’s super sad when it’s evident she feels so horrible. We called the pediatrician and she indicated that we should give her some Advil and watch her temp. If it doesn’t start to go down within an hour, we needed to take her to the ER.

Fortunately, after a cool bath, the Advil kicked in and her fever went down. She slept OK but was up at 3:30.

I managed to get her to back to sleep for about 15 minutes but then she just wanted to be held. And eat cheerios.

Today, her fever is gone but she’s not quite herself. She’s pretty whiny and refusing to nap for more than 30 minutes. We’re just gonna keep an eye on her and hope whatever bug she has goes away!

Once she ditches the bink, she’ll be all set for kindergarten. Seriously? Fynnlee Ann, I’ve accepted the fact that you’re gonna grow up, but does it have to happen so quickly. Slow it down…please and thank you.

Onto school fun! She loved all of these flowers!

You just know she’s kicking them all with her feet. Fynn’s signature move.

Painting with flowers is fun too!

But not as fun as reading. Reading is SO fun!

She’s not so sure about these ice cubes

Yikes that’s cold!

Hope you all have a HEALTHY weekend!

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