Fridays with Fynnlee 

Sunday we had snow. Monday we had 70 and sun. Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind in Western PA. Greyson & Jerry had a doctor’s appointment, so Fynnlee and I hit the swings at our new playground.

She had a blast.

Really, could she be more bored?

Ya know what is not boring? Spaghetti & Meatballs!

Now, that…THAT she is a fan of!

We got the official word that they will head to Toddlers the week of June 13. The kids will gradually transition a few hours a day, building up to a full day in Toddlers on June 17th. Of course, if they’re having a really hard time, we can scale back a bit but I think they’re gonna be just fine.

But we’ll just soak up the fun in Infant 1 while we still can. Sponge painting with a bath pouf…YAY!

We love poufs!

There was some fun playing with sensory bottles.

and turtles

and baby dolls

She’s good with babies.

And the warmer temps allowed the kids to get outside for some long walks.

We’re all big fans of sunshine!

Fresh air = good sleep.

Hope you have a stellar weekend!

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