Tuesdays with Greyson

I know it’s Wednesday. I woke up on Tuesday with a wicked flu that wrecked my entire day. Thank goodness it seems to be on it’s way out. Only good thing about the stomach flu is it is usually short lived.

I was up Tuesday morning at 3:00 with horrible stomach pains and never fell back to sleep. Of course, that’s the day they decide to sleep in until 5:45. (That’s super late for my kids, btw.)

Now, onto the reason you’re here…LOVEBUG! Let’s talk about food, shall we? And about how toddler’s (did I just say toddlers) appetites are so bizarre. And annoying. Yes, annoying. Like, I see that they eat carrots and peas at school. So I run out and buy frozen peas and steam some carrots. Nope, won’t touch them.

I read somewhere that you should offer food 5, 10, 15 times to a toddler before you throw in the towel. I think this article was meant for vegetables but I’m learning it’s applicable to most food. Case in point, one night I served them Annie’s mac & cheese, some turkey burger and mixed veggies. Greyson took a few bites and then basically threw everything off his tray.

That night he ate puffs for dinner.

The next night I served him the same thing and he cleared his tray. Oh & I added a little butter and parm cheese to their veggies. Who likes plain veggies anyway?

Maybe it has to do with how hungry he is at the time? But obviously if he ate 2027407 puffs, he was hungry. Maybe I need to cut back on the snacks they get. I don’t think I’m at the point where I can say, “You eat what’s for dinner or you go to bed hungry”. I don’t know much about child rearing but I do know I can’t reason with them right now. This feeding situation is driving me crazy.

One thing that doesn’t drive me crazy is bath time. Greyson still loves his baths so much!

And it’s going to be in the mid 80s this weekend so the Greyson & Fynnlee waterpark will be open for business!! We have a baby pool, splash pad, and water table to set up in the sun. And the cutest little bathing suits on the planet!

He looks just like Fynnlee in this picture.

I didn’t get many school pictures this week…just this cute one of Greyson sitting in a basket in his famous banana pants.

If you follow us on Instagram, you might remember we have a mama Dove on our deck. “Prince” had her babies a few weeks ago and Sheila E and Apollonia are getting so big!

Here they are on 5/14

And this is them today!


Prince keeps trying to sit on them to keep them warm but it’s pretty ridiculous at this point. They’re almost as big as she is!

Stay healthy every body!

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