Fridays with Fynnlee

Who else is excited that it’s the weekend?! AND…it’s the official start of summer! 

Bring on the sun! We’ve had a stretch of lousy weather that lasted a few weeks. Which kept us all inside…not that cruising around the house isn’t fun. 

Some of us are cruising all over the joint. 

But warmer days lets us get lots of fresh air and that’s good for everyone. And we get to practice with our beach toys…we have a Florida vacation coming up in a month! 

We’re breaking out the baby pool this weekend. It’s time to take these water babes outside! 

No bubbles allowed in the pool. 

Crazy hair, don’t care. 

Speaking of bubbles, the kids got to chase some around the room this week. 

Fynn couldn’t decide what she thought of them. 

She did decide ice painting is fun! 

As is shake painting 

It’s SOOOOOO fun!

She also love to try out new toys. 

This day it was all about triangles. 

And she’s happy it’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend! (Get it!?)

Hope yours is a happy and safe one!!

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