Life with Fynnlee 13.3

I’m falling behind on my updates and promise to get back on track tomorrow. But first let me get a quick recap of last week with Fynnlee.

I’m not gonna lie…last week was exhausting! Thursday was the first night the kids slept straight through. Not a single peep. Till 5:15 am. It was amazing! I actually woke up at 5:05 and panicked because they were still sleeping. But I didn’t dare go and check on them!

Earlier in the week I took Fynnlee to the happiest place on Earth…Target!

We had to pick up milk and Greyson’s antibiotic but she didn’t seem as excited as I get when I shop the Big Red.  But she put up with it because, ya know…snacks!

Let’s recap the school week, shall we?  There was lots and lots of playtime outside.

Western PA has been having a fabulous summer! Blue skies and sunny days. And frisbees. Fynnlee loves frisbees.

One day each week, they break out the sprinklers and the water table and have some splash play!  This little sweetpea loves to splash.

They have an indoor water table too. This is the same ornery face she gives me right before she sticks her hand in the toilet. I’m guessing she got caught playing in there when she wasn’t supposed to be.

And I know these two pictures are pretty crappy, but they’re so cute…I had to share.  Finger/hand painting and making fruit salad!  Good times.



This little Squish is ready for a short week. Look out Florida….we’re coming to get ya!




Life with Greyson 13.3

Ya know what’s worse than a sick baby? TWO sick babies! This was our Monday night.  All those pink lines are me getting up with Greyson. It doesn’t even show Jarrad’s 1/2 hour rocking Fynnlee or his 8 trips to replace Greyson’s pacifier.


My poor bug. One of (but certainly not the only) differnce in my two kiddos is the way they deal with Illness. Fynn was screaming her head off and crying non-stop with a minor ear infection. Greyson started acting fussy, not sleeping well and crying off and on more than usual. Turns out he has a wicked double ear infection!

He was really miserable yesterday so I brought him home with me for the afternoon. And we took Jacob for a walk around the hood.

He took an epic 3 1/2 hour nap and I was able to work my day away uninterupted. 3 cheers for awesome companies that let you work from home! We decided to keep him home again today and he is in the expert care of Grandpa Jim. Having a ball!

Fingers crossed that he’s feeling better soon. Sick babies make my heart hurt.

And these kiddos need to get better because it’s supposed to be beautiful and we have a pool date on tap!

The real pool…not just the Soscia family waterpark.

So how did Bug do his first week in Toddlers? Awesome!

They get outside every morning for some fun playtime. And get a ride in the stroller b/c not everyone is walking yet.

There is lots of playtime indoors too.

Greyson is making himself right at home in his new classroom.

He is obsessed with these little stairs.


 He’s anxious to get back to his friends! 


Life with Fynnlee 13.2

Happy Summer!!

We finally broke out the splash pad and baby pool over the weekend. It was a hot and sunny two days in the ‘burgh! We thought about going to the local pool but decided against it. Our fear is we spend an hour getting everyone ready, 20 minutes driving there, 20 minutes unpacking all of our junk, $18 admission and the Beans tap out after 5 minutes. We’re going to test our theory in Florida next week when we have easier access to a pool.

The water table is still a huge hit. And the kids are getting used to standing in the grass at the same time. (Grass = Yuck according to the Beans)

I’m in love with this bathing suit I bought Fynnlee last summer. We may get a few more weeks out of it till it’s too small. She’s not the 12-18 size I expected her to be! Halter/ruffles/animal print is always a win.

We had a big Father’s Day weekend planned. And then Saturday Fynnlee spiked a temp of 104.1. Our pediatrician sent us to Children’s Hospital as a precaution. I gave her some Tylenol before she & Jerry left and by the time they were seen, it had fallen to 100.4. Sinus/ear infection gets you 10 days of antibiotics. Sunday morning she was feeling better and we decided we’d try our hand a Living Treasures Animal Park.

Now. I got a stern lecture from Jerry before we left. “We’re only going if you promise not to freak out at the animals in cages”. Fine. I’d heard some good things about this place and figured I’d form my own opinions. (I get a little nuts over animal stuff).

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad Ever…

Turns out it was a great place for families. The park is clean and maintained well. Yes, the animals are in cages and they charge you $4.00 for a bag of baby carrots. But they are all super healthy and well cared for. And while the enclosures aren’t as big as you would find at the Pittsburgh Zoo, they certainly aren’t small.

I think next year they are going to LOVE this place. You can feed most of the animals (deer, baby goats, cows, a GIRAFFE!) and there is a spot to picnic outside.

And that was our weekend! I wanted to make Jerry a big fun Father’s Day dinner but we opted for pizza instead.

Now I know know you’re all dying to hear about Fynnlee’s first week as a Toddler!

I’m not gonna lie…it started out a little rough. Fynnlee is just like her mama in that she likes routine. Her routine. And while little Miss has been testing the waters as far as napping, the whole “drop the morning nap” thing threw her off.

The first day was spent with a lot of tears and a crappy 1/2 hour nap. All day. As in, she napped for 30 minutes all day.

The second day was better. I got smart and brought in a blanket and snuggly (one of those little taggie blanets) for her. She napped for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Yay!

Good naps make for a happy Fynnlee and happy Fynnlee loved playing in the giant box of sand.

They got outside a bunch and spent rainy days in a big playroom.

They also made some fun foot art for Father’s Day.

By the end of the week, she was ruling the roost. I think she’s gonna be just fine with the big kids.

Have a great week!


Life with Greyson 13.2

This week kind of got away from me. And here we are…it’s already/finally Friday. Sorry for the radio silence.

It was a big week for the Beans.  They are officially Toddlers!

Monday morning, they spent a few hours with their Infant I teachers and then off to Toddlers they went! (We miss you Miss Mariann & Miss Karen!)

The inital plan was for them to spend the morning in Toddlers and then head back to Infant I in the afternoon. But they did so well, they stayed all day!

They sat at the table like big kids and had their lunch. No Fynnlee wasn’t shunned in a corner by herself.

She had lunch with two other friends!

 Overall they did pretty well. I’ll touch more on Fynnlee’s transition tomorrow but things were pretty smooth for Greyson. They call him the Mayor because he waltzed right in and made friends with every one. Like he’s always been there.

I didn’t want to forget to share his last week in Infants. Ya know…because Bug Month is awesome!

And this little guys thinks bugs are great!

The magnetic bugs are super fun to bang together.

Love BUG in a box…

He painted a bee hive on bubble wrap.

And played “put the bugs in their house”.

Bugs in ice are SO COOL (get it??). What’s with that crazy hair? I think he had just woken up from a nap. At least I hope…

On the food front…we have an awesome eater! I’m sure it’s a phase (isn’t everything with these babes a phase?), but this little bug is eating all the things these days! Favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken, meatballs, pasta, cheese and peanut butter.

Here he has mix of lentils, white beans, chicken, broccoli and spinach. Covered in parmesan cheese, of course.

This week in sleep has been pretty crappy, compared to normal sleep.

I think dropping a nap (they now take one 2 – 2 1/2 hour nap around noon) is leading to a big of a blip in our sound sleep. Bedtime’s been around 6:45 and wakeup is back to 4:30 (UGHHHH!). With a few wake ups due to lost binkies sprinkled throughout the night.

It’s just a phase. It’s just a phase. It’s just a phase.

But this might be my most favorite picture ever. My two favorite guys. 6:00 on Friday night.

And I can’t wrap up this post without sharing this…photos taken exactly one year apart. The days are long but the years are short.  

WHAAAAAAAAAA! Stop growing. 

Update for Fynnlee before week’s end. Pinky swear!



Life with Fynnlee 13.1

School pictures….nailed it. I love that you can see all of her little teeth. She is the cutest.

I know I’m tempting fate by saying this but we’ve had some decent sleeps this week. Earliest wake up was 4:50 (I’ll take it!) and the latest was 5:45 (I’ll take more of that please!). What we have also had was nightly bed wetting. I switched both kids to an overnight diaper and I’m not sure what the issue is. They aren’t really drinking more than they used to. And they’re not sleeping that much later. But we wake up to soaked PJs and sheets and 1/2 the time, mattress pad. I’ve washed sheets 3 times this week. And I have 2 back up sets! I bought some of these diaper booster pads, which I’ve heard good things about. Fingers crossed they work. I have enough laundry to do!

In other Fynnlee news, we’ve officially hit the clingy stage. Little Miss is wanting to be held all the time and has mastered pitching the most pathetic fit I’ve ever seen. It’s not the usual drama cry, which I’ve gotten good at ignoring. It’s a super sad, sniffly cry that breaks my heart and makes me want to strap her to my hip 24/7. Look at these sad, red eyes. I hope it’s a short phase.

Fynnlee (and Greyson too) continue to prefer school food over home food. Granted, at home I try to be pretty healthy and often it backfires (as in YUCK). Fynnlee has never housed my mashed potatoes like she does the ones at school! The school food comes from my building’s cafeteria (which is amazing) and I know they don’t use a lot of added salt or fat. Who knows? I’m just happy she’s eating one substantial meal and not existing on Puffs.

Two important things going on right now.  The Pens are in the Stanley Cup playoffs! (This outfit brought a us a Game 4 victory)

And it’s Bug Month at school! These bugs in ice were a huge hit!

This outfit brought us a Game 5 loss. But these magnetic bugs are Fynnlee’s favorite!

They had a fun art project of painting bee hives

And Squishy faces

My baby girl is Berry Sweet (get it) and takes after her Mama

No fear of bugs for us!

But the most fun was pulling these bugs out of their fancy bug house….

She thought that was the BEST!

Happy Weekend Friends!


Life with Greyson 13.1

No more Tuesdays with Greyson or Fridays with Fynnlee. I’m not doing so well being pigeonholed into a particular day. So there will still be a weekly update earmarked with their age in months and weeks. Hence 13.1. I do realize if I keep this up, we will eventually be at 532.2 at some point but whatever. Change is good. 

So speaking of change…ahem. This is the final week for the kids in Infant 1. Toddlers belong with other toddlers so next week, they start their transition to Miss Hilary and Miss Karalee’s room.

I still don’t want to talk about it. Partially because they are growing up and that stinks. But partially because I adore their current teachers so much.

Greyson and Fynnlee have spent 10 and 1/2 months in the expert care of these 2 amazing ladies. And it’s not going to be easy to say “See you soon” (I don’t do goodbyes).

Good news is, the kids are right down the hall from their old class room so they can see them often. And Miss Karen’s grandson is in their new room so it’s definitely not goodbye!

We had a meeting with one of their new teachers and I’m really excited for them. They are ready for new challenges and new playmates.

This handsome boy is ready!

School picture photo source

In other kid news, I have noticed an upswing in sibling playtime.

They are doing more stuff together…and it’s not always good stuff. In this case, they managed to get behind the couch to eat the lamp cord).

But it warms my heart to see them interacting more. Like when you fall asleep in a box.

It’s good to know that your big sister won’t let anyone mess with you.

Quiet shenanigans

Bath time is more fun together too. Until they both decide to splash as hard as they can. The bathroom looks like a hurricane blew through.

13.1 was a good week!

Hope you have a good one too!


Fynnlee at 13 months

13 months going on 13 years.

Why does my baby girl seem like such a big girl these days? She’s killing me. Walking around, strutting her stuff. Babbling her secret Fynnlee language. Having definite opinions on what she does and doesn’t like. She is feisty and spirited and irresistible. I absolutely love her personality.

Sleep. Oh Sleep. Fynnlee and sleep have a complicated relationship. She fights and fights her naps. Mornings, not so much. But afternoon…hooboy. Girlfriend is clearly exhausted yet she refuses to give in. She might miss something! And then 9 times out of 10 she passes out in the car on the (5 minute) way home and ends up sleeping until 5:30. This usually doesn’t mess with her bedtime, which is 7/7:30. We’ve recently had a few nights where she didn’t want to go to bed and we’d rock and snuggle. And she’d fall asleep. But .02 seconds after laying her down, she’d start screaming again. So then I let her cry it out. It wouldn’t be so bad if she would just sleep past 4:30. But there are lots of days where 4:30 is wake up time.

Jarrad and I have discussed it many times and we’d so much prefer a baby that wakes up early to one that wakes up in the middle of the night. We could try and do some sleep training but (as I’ve said 098720380 times), it’s tough with twins that share the same room. And we both know that it’s not going to last forever. And we’re both morning people. So it is what it is. But if teenage Fynnlee thinks she’s sleeping till noon…ahahaahaaaaa!! She’s got another thing coming.

On the food front, she still has a salty tooth. Favorites include: saltine crackers, cheese crunchies, rice cakes, pasta, chicken, cheese, fruit/veggie pouches, yogurt. Sometimes she loves burgers. Sometimes she loves pizza. She likes to eat whatever I’m eating and gets really ticked off if I don’t share. Had her first taste of ice cream over Memorial Day…and she was a fan.

Has 8 teeth. Wearing size 12, 18, 24 months, depending on the brand. Size 5 diapers. Weighs approximately 25 lbs.

Favorites: reading books, Mickey Mouse clubhouse, being outside, splashing in water, Kleenex, throwing stuff, the remote control, Jerry’s glasses
Dislikes: Grass, diaper changes, getting dressed, being told no, napping before she’s good and ready
Tricks: clapping, throwing a ball back to you, waving, dancing




Greyson at 13 Months

Didn’t he just turn one? 

Greyson took his first real steps on 5/23. For about a month, I would stand him up, arms length away from me and he run/fall into my lap. And then he’d laugh in his amazing Greyson giggle so we would do it over and over. On the 23rd, we were face-timing with Papa and he just decided to walk from Jerry over to me. Jerry guided him a bit but he took 5 or 6 deliberate steps and was SO proud. This was the first time he’s actually been steady enough not to fall over. He’s not really standing by himself without holding on to anything. I’m guessing that will come soon.

Speech is confusing for me. He says Dada & Mama & YA! And if I say “a cow goes Moooo”, he’ll repeat “Mmmmmmmm”. But I haven’t really noticed much in terms of relating a word/sound with a particular object. Sometimes when I pick him up, he’ll say Mama and my heart explodes. But I’m not 100% sure he’s referring to me. He’s really good at repeating actions. He can wave BYE and loves HIGH FIVE. So I thought sign language might be a good idea. But then I heard it can delay speech even more as they become reliant on the signs. Whatever…he’s young.

For the most part, he is still a decent sleeper. He has been giving us a little trouble going to bed. Full disclosure, we’ve never had a problem putting them to bed. Not since around 3 months. These days, he’s still kind of awake after his bottle. It’s probably time to change up the routine. Bath, bottle, bed is headed toward Bottle, brush teeth, bath, story, bed. Our 1/2 hour routine is going to be 3 hours long! Oh, and I’m rocking him with a bottle until he’s 15 so don’t even suggest I take that part out. But they may stay up longer which may help them sleep longer. Wake up is between 4:45-5:45, depending on the day. I hear people complain about their kids waking up at 6 am and want to smack them upside the head. You don’t know how good you have it, folks.

Food is still frustrating, but I’m getting a little more relaxed. Favorites include: Peanut butter toast, yogurt, fruit/veggie pouches, yogurt melts, mum-mums, cheerios, meatballs and roasted sweet potatoes. Some days he loves steamed carrots. Some days he loves noodles. Some days he likes chicken. I just keep offering him a bite of whatever is around and he can decide what he likes. As long as he’s eating something, I’m ok with it. He gets 5 oz of milk in the morning and 7 oz at night. Usually 4-8 oz at various times a day. And lots of water. Still no juice/soda/flavored milk…I’m holding off on that as long as I can.

He’s still the happiest little bug on the planet.

He has 10 teeth…with bottom molars on the way (ugh). He’s in size 12-18 months clothes and size 4 diapers. Current weight is around 22 lbs.

Favorites: Toilet paper, cords, pop-up books, the remote control, balls, cruising with his walker, peek-a-boo, baths, opening/closing doors, Mickey Mouse clubhouse
Dislikes: diaper changes, getting dressed, getting sunscreen applied, hats
Tricks: Clapping, waving bye-bye, high five, dancing to the Hot Dog song

Each month is better than the last. I’m pretty fond of this toddler stage!