Greyson at 13 Months

Didn’t he just turn one? 

Greyson took his first real steps on 5/23. For about a month, I would stand him up, arms length away from me and he run/fall into my lap. And then he’d laugh in his amazing Greyson giggle so we would do it over and over. On the 23rd, we were face-timing with Papa and he just decided to walk from Jerry over to me. Jerry guided him a bit but he took 5 or 6 deliberate steps and was SO proud. This was the first time he’s actually been steady enough not to fall over. He’s not really standing by himself without holding on to anything. I’m guessing that will come soon.

Speech is confusing for me. He says Dada & Mama & YA! And if I say “a cow goes Moooo”, he’ll repeat “Mmmmmmmm”. But I haven’t really noticed much in terms of relating a word/sound with a particular object. Sometimes when I pick him up, he’ll say Mama and my heart explodes. But I’m not 100% sure he’s referring to me. He’s really good at repeating actions. He can wave BYE and loves HIGH FIVE. So I thought sign language might be a good idea. But then I heard it can delay speech even more as they become reliant on the signs. Whatever…he’s young.

For the most part, he is still a decent sleeper. He has been giving us a little trouble going to bed. Full disclosure, we’ve never had a problem putting them to bed. Not since around 3 months. These days, he’s still kind of awake after his bottle. It’s probably time to change up the routine. Bath, bottle, bed is headed toward Bottle, brush teeth, bath, story, bed. Our 1/2 hour routine is going to be 3 hours long! Oh, and I’m rocking him with a bottle until he’s 15 so don’t even suggest I take that part out. But they may stay up longer which may help them sleep longer. Wake up is between 4:45-5:45, depending on the day. I hear people complain about their kids waking up at 6 am and want to smack them upside the head. You don’t know how good you have it, folks.

Food is still frustrating, but I’m getting a little more relaxed. Favorites include: Peanut butter toast, yogurt, fruit/veggie pouches, yogurt melts, mum-mums, cheerios, meatballs and roasted sweet potatoes. Some days he loves steamed carrots. Some days he loves noodles. Some days he likes chicken. I just keep offering him a bite of whatever is around and he can decide what he likes. As long as he’s eating something, I’m ok with it. He gets 5 oz of milk in the morning and 7 oz at night. Usually 4-8 oz at various times a day. And lots of water. Still no juice/soda/flavored milk…I’m holding off on that as long as I can.

He’s still the happiest little bug on the planet.

He has 10 teeth…with bottom molars on the way (ugh). He’s in size 12-18 months clothes and size 4 diapers. Current weight is around 22 lbs.

Favorites: Toilet paper, cords, pop-up books, the remote control, balls, cruising with his walker, peek-a-boo, baths, opening/closing doors, Mickey Mouse clubhouse
Dislikes: diaper changes, getting dressed, getting sunscreen applied, hats
Tricks: Clapping, waving bye-bye, high five, dancing to the Hot Dog song

Each month is better than the last. I’m pretty fond of this toddler stage!

1 thought on “Greyson at 13 Months”

  1. He is just so cute. That smile kills me. I do not envy you those molars. Charlotte’s getting her lateral incisors on the bottom right now and that’s bad enough. I can’t even fathom what molars are going to do to us.


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