Life with Greyson 13.1

No more Tuesdays with Greyson or Fridays with Fynnlee. I’m not doing so well being pigeonholed into a particular day. So there will still be a weekly update earmarked with their age in months and weeks. Hence 13.1. I do realize if I keep this up, we will eventually be at 532.2 at some point but whatever. Change is good. 

So speaking of change…ahem. This is the final week for the kids in Infant 1. Toddlers belong with other toddlers so next week, they start their transition to Miss Hilary and Miss Karalee’s room.

I still don’t want to talk about it. Partially because they are growing up and that stinks. But partially because I adore their current teachers so much.

Greyson and Fynnlee have spent 10 and 1/2 months in the expert care of these 2 amazing ladies. And it’s not going to be easy to say “See you soon” (I don’t do goodbyes).

Good news is, the kids are right down the hall from their old class room so they can see them often. And Miss Karen’s grandson is in their new room so it’s definitely not goodbye!

We had a meeting with one of their new teachers and I’m really excited for them. They are ready for new challenges and new playmates.

This handsome boy is ready!

School picture photo source

In other kid news, I have noticed an upswing in sibling playtime.

They are doing more stuff together…and it’s not always good stuff. In this case, they managed to get behind the couch to eat the lamp cord).

But it warms my heart to see them interacting more. Like when you fall asleep in a box.

It’s good to know that your big sister won’t let anyone mess with you.

Quiet shenanigans

Bath time is more fun together too. Until they both decide to splash as hard as they can. The bathroom looks like a hurricane blew through.

13.1 was a good week!

Hope you have a good one too!

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