Life with Fynnlee 13.1

School pictures….nailed it. I love that you can see all of her little teeth. She is the cutest.

I know I’m tempting fate by saying this but we’ve had some decent sleeps this week. Earliest wake up was 4:50 (I’ll take it!) and the latest was 5:45 (I’ll take more of that please!). What we have also had was nightly bed wetting. I switched both kids to an overnight diaper and I’m not sure what the issue is. They aren’t really drinking more than they used to. And they’re not sleeping that much later. But we wake up to soaked PJs and sheets and 1/2 the time, mattress pad. I’ve washed sheets 3 times this week. And I have 2 back up sets! I bought some of these diaper booster pads, which I’ve heard good things about. Fingers crossed they work. I have enough laundry to do!

In other Fynnlee news, we’ve officially hit the clingy stage. Little Miss is wanting to be held all the time and has mastered pitching the most pathetic fit I’ve ever seen. It’s not the usual drama cry, which I’ve gotten good at ignoring. It’s a super sad, sniffly cry that breaks my heart and makes me want to strap her to my hip 24/7. Look at these sad, red eyes. I hope it’s a short phase.

Fynnlee (and Greyson too) continue to prefer school food over home food. Granted, at home I try to be pretty healthy and often it backfires (as in YUCK). Fynnlee has never housed my mashed potatoes like she does the ones at school! The school food comes from my building’s cafeteria (which is amazing) and I know they don’t use a lot of added salt or fat. Who knows? I’m just happy she’s eating one substantial meal and not existing on Puffs.

Two important things going on right now.  The Pens are in the Stanley Cup playoffs! (This outfit brought a us a Game 4 victory)

And it’s Bug Month at school! These bugs in ice were a huge hit!

This outfit brought us a Game 5 loss. But these magnetic bugs are Fynnlee’s favorite!

They had a fun art project of painting bee hives

And Squishy faces

My baby girl is Berry Sweet (get it) and takes after her Mama

No fear of bugs for us!

But the most fun was pulling these bugs out of their fancy bug house….

She thought that was the BEST!

Happy Weekend Friends!

3 thoughts on “Life with Fynnlee 13.1”

  1. She’s the cutest! Our pediatrician told us to try the next size up for overnight diapers and that would help with accidents. Maybe try a larger size?


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