Life with Fynnlee 13.2

Happy Summer!!

We finally broke out the splash pad and baby pool over the weekend. It was a hot and sunny two days in the ‘burgh! We thought about going to the local pool but decided against it. Our fear is we spend an hour getting everyone ready, 20 minutes driving there, 20 minutes unpacking all of our junk, $18 admission and the Beans tap out after 5 minutes. We’re going to test our theory in Florida next week when we have easier access to a pool.

The water table is still a huge hit. And the kids are getting used to standing in the grass at the same time. (Grass = Yuck according to the Beans)

I’m in love with this bathing suit I bought Fynnlee last summer. We may get a few more weeks out of it till it’s too small. She’s not the 12-18 size I expected her to be! Halter/ruffles/animal print is always a win.

We had a big Father’s Day weekend planned. And then Saturday Fynnlee spiked a temp of 104.1. Our pediatrician sent us to Children’s Hospital as a precaution. I gave her some Tylenol before she & Jerry left and by the time they were seen, it had fallen to 100.4. Sinus/ear infection gets you 10 days of antibiotics. Sunday morning she was feeling better and we decided we’d try our hand a Living Treasures Animal Park.

Now. I got a stern lecture from Jerry before we left. “We’re only going if you promise not to freak out at the animals in cages”. Fine. I’d heard some good things about this place and figured I’d form my own opinions. (I get a little nuts over animal stuff).

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad Ever…

Turns out it was a great place for families. The park is clean and maintained well. Yes, the animals are in cages and they charge you $4.00 for a bag of baby carrots. But they are all super healthy and well cared for. And while the enclosures aren’t as big as you would find at the Pittsburgh Zoo, they certainly aren’t small.

I think next year they are going to LOVE this place. You can feed most of the animals (deer, baby goats, cows, a GIRAFFE!) and there is a spot to picnic outside.

And that was our weekend! I wanted to make Jerry a big fun Father’s Day dinner but we opted for pizza instead.

Now I know know you’re all dying to hear about Fynnlee’s first week as a Toddler!

I’m not gonna lie…it started out a little rough. Fynnlee is just like her mama in that she likes routine. Her routine. And while little Miss has been testing the waters as far as napping, the whole “drop the morning nap” thing threw her off.

The first day was spent with a lot of tears and a crappy 1/2 hour nap. All day. As in, she napped for 30 minutes all day.

The second day was better. I got smart and brought in a blanket and snuggly (one of those little taggie blanets) for her. She napped for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Yay!

Good naps make for a happy Fynnlee and happy Fynnlee loved playing in the giant box of sand.

They got outside a bunch and spent rainy days in a big playroom.

They also made some fun foot art for Father’s Day.

By the end of the week, she was ruling the roost. I think she’s gonna be just fine with the big kids.

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Life with Fynnlee 13.2”

  1. Even though I rarely comment I LOVE these posts! I cannot believe how big they are getting. Thanks for sharing your daily lives with us. Love you all!


    1. Thanks Aunt Midge! They are growing like little weeds. It’s fun to read back and see where we were a couple of months ago.


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