Life with Greyson 13.3

Ya know what’s worse than a sick baby? TWO sick babies! This was our Monday night.  All those pink lines are me getting up with Greyson. It doesn’t even show Jarrad’s 1/2 hour rocking Fynnlee or his 8 trips to replace Greyson’s pacifier.


My poor bug. One of (but certainly not the only) differnce in my two kiddos is the way they deal with Illness. Fynn was screaming her head off and crying non-stop with a minor ear infection. Greyson started acting fussy, not sleeping well and crying off and on more than usual. Turns out he has a wicked double ear infection!

He was really miserable yesterday so I brought him home with me for the afternoon. And we took Jacob for a walk around the hood.

He took an epic 3 1/2 hour nap and I was able to work my day away uninterupted. 3 cheers for awesome companies that let you work from home! We decided to keep him home again today and he is in the expert care of Grandpa Jim. Having a ball!

Fingers crossed that he’s feeling better soon. Sick babies make my heart hurt.

And these kiddos need to get better because it’s supposed to be beautiful and we have a pool date on tap!

The real pool…not just the Soscia family waterpark.

So how did Bug do his first week in Toddlers? Awesome!

They get outside every morning for some fun playtime. And get a ride in the stroller b/c not everyone is walking yet.

There is lots of playtime indoors too.

Greyson is making himself right at home in his new classroom.

He is obsessed with these little stairs.


 He’s anxious to get back to his friends! 

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