Life with Fynnlee 13.3

I’m falling behind on my updates and promise to get back on track tomorrow. But first let me get a quick recap of last week with Fynnlee.

I’m not gonna lie…last week was exhausting! Thursday was the first night the kids slept straight through. Not a single peep. Till 5:15 am. It was amazing! I actually woke up at 5:05 and panicked because they were still sleeping. But I didn’t dare go and check on them!

Earlier in the week I took Fynnlee to the happiest place on Earth…Target!

We had to pick up milk and Greyson’s antibiotic but she didn’t seem as excited as I get when I shop the Big Red.  But she put up with it because, ya know…snacks!

Let’s recap the school week, shall we?  There was lots and lots of playtime outside.

Western PA has been having a fabulous summer! Blue skies and sunny days. And frisbees. Fynnlee loves frisbees.

One day each week, they break out the sprinklers and the water table and have some splash play!  This little sweetpea loves to splash.

They have an indoor water table too. This is the same ornery face she gives me right before she sticks her hand in the toilet. I’m guessing she got caught playing in there when she wasn’t supposed to be.

And I know these two pictures are pretty crappy, but they’re so cute…I had to share.  Finger/hand painting and making fruit salad!  Good times.



This little Squish is ready for a short week. Look out Florida….we’re coming to get ya!



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