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Florida – Summer 2016

We’re back! And we need a vacation from our vacation. We packed a lot of fun into our 5 days in Florida. Wanna hear all about it? I thought you might…

So let’s talk about flying with toddlers. Hoo boy…much different than flying with babies. This was the Bean’s 5th flight, which is about 5 more than most people have by the time they are 14 years, let alone 14 months. You’d think they’d have the hang of it by now!

We exclusively fly Southwest if we can (free bags for the win!) and if the flight isn’t full, we can take our car seats on board and keep the kids strapped in. And that’s just what we did for the first leg of the trip. Greyson was my travel companion and he was pretty well behaved. I took him out of the seat for about an hour and we read books and played with stickers.

The second after we touched down in Atlanta, he fell asleep.

Jerry’s baby slept for the entire flight, of course. (Awesome earphones found on Amazon)

We let them run around a bit before we boarded the plane for Atlanta. Fynnlee tried to make friends with everyone at our gate.

It was a full flight so the kids were lap passengers. Jerry and Greyson watched Mickey Mouse for most of the flight to Ft. Myers.

And Fynnlee and I ate snacks, read books, watched some Mickey and played with toys.

Then with about 20 minutes left in our flight, things went horribly wrong. My first problem was picking a window seat. What was I thinking???? The poor guy in the middle seat was about 6’5″ and we had no room. But he was so nice…putting up with Fynnlee touching him with sticky fingers and hitting him with her book. As we started our descent, the cabin pressure dropped and I’m guessing Fynnlee’s ears started hurting. Because she screamed. Non-stop. For 20 minutes. SCREAMED! She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t drink, she wouldn’t take her pacifier. She wouldn’t do anything but scream and thrash around. Besides her ears, it was really hot…we were cramped…and she was basically just over it. I felt so bad for her because I know how bad airplane ears hurt.

Lots of dirty looks as we got off the plane (which…who cares. I’ll never see those people again).

Grandma picked us up from the airport and we went straight to the pool! Which, conveniently, is at their house.

These kids are fearless around water. The concept of falling in the pool is lost on both of them so we had to watch them like hawks. Oh and Greyson is full on walking now. He decided Florida would be a great place to start being super mobile.

Fynnlee loved this little bucket.

It’s like a mini bathtub.


We spent a couple of days at the community pool. They have an awesome kid area with water at a max 1.5-2 feet.


Grandma is pretty brilliant to bring bath toys along.


Captain Adorable.

This one is very busy.

And Greyson is already picking up chicks.

We spent a day 1/2 hour at the beach.

She spent the majority of time on this towel playing with seashells.

And he slept.

We tried to get a family picture but as you can see, they/Fynnlee…not a huge fan of the beach (yet). She screams. He snacks.

There was a lot of snacking on this trip. They love to pull out fistfulls of Cheerios and shove 1/2 of them in their mouth. The other half are on the floor.

Grandma & Papa will be finding Cheerios for months.

We had lunch al fresco

And feasted on Grandmas famous meatballs.

Double bibs required for red sauce.

We took a fun trip to the Outlet mall, where there was more snacking inside this fun “stroller”.

The mall has a playland for kids under 3 and the Beans had a blast!

I’m on a boat!

I’m on a crocodile. 

Jerry, Aunt Stephanie & I snuck out one night for dinner on the water. We left the kids in Papa’s capable hands (Daniel Tiger & Grandma supervised)

We had a fabulous dinner and caught an amazing Florida sunset.  Awesome selfie, eh?

It was a glorious 5 days and we miss the Sunshine State and our family already.

Back to life. Back to reality.

3 thoughts on “Florida – Summer 2016”

  1. You crack me up!!! I don’t know how you do it. Driving with two kids 30 min from home gives me anxiety, never mind FLYING 5 times!!! You go mama!


  2. Looks so fun! They’re adorable! I flew solo with both of mine when they were about 13 months I think…ROUGH! I don’t plan to take them on another plane until they’re 20. Ok, maybe not that long but eeekkkk, flying with toddlers is a hard task! Glad you guys had a good trip! I am so homesick for FL! 😦


    1. You really are superwoman!! Good grief…I can’t even imagine going solo. We get to do it again next month for a wedding. Yikes!


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