Greyson at 14 Months

Love bug is turning into a little boy. Right before my very eyes. And I love/hate it.

This months has been huge for Greyson. So many changes in 30 short days. He went from a few tentative baby steps to confidently strutting his stuff. Ok, so maybe he looks a little bit like baby Frankenstein but he’s on the move. And you’d better get out of his way…because he’ll run you right over. I used to hold out my arms and cheer him to me “Come on buddy! You can do it. Look at you go!”. And he’d shuffle my way, collapsing against me in a fit of giggles. Now, I hold out my arms and cheer…and he still giggles…while he’s brushing past me.

Two uber mobile toddlers changes everything.

Also new on the Greyson front are tantrums. LOTS of ’em. Accompanied by throwing whatever is next to him. He throws himself to the floor and cries when he doesn’t get his way. Or he’s hungry. Or tired. Or Fynnlee steals something from him. I’ll admit it, This is not my favorite side of my Bug. But it’s an inevitable one and we’ll just work our way through it. He’s not as easily comforted by his Mama’s hugs (rip my heart out, kid) and 9 times out of 10, he pushes me away. But I keep killing him with kindness, even if it’s just by sitting next to him letting him scream his frustrations out. He eventually comes over and sits in my lap. I know this is just the beginning of a long road.

He’s got 11 teeth, with a new molar just begging to pop out (hey tooth…could you hurry up, please?). He’s in 12-18 month clothes and almost ready for size 5 diapers. His feet are still a teeny size 4 and he weighs @ lbs.

He’ll still say Mama and Dada but his favorite word by far is “Uh oh”. All day long. I created this monster by putting Uh Oh on repeat when he’d fall or drop something or knock a stack of blocks over. We’re trying to drop the use of pacifiers to encourage more speech.

Sleep is meh. We’re back to 4/4:30 wakeups and the double ear infection situation had us up every hour on the hour. He does have good nights, sometimes sleeping through until 5:30. But it’s not the norm at the moment. I don’t do well with little sleep and there are some nights where I say to Jerry…”just let him scream” (but only if I know there is nothing really wrong). But I usually can’t stand more than 5 minutes so I get up and rock him. I think the only way to get through these long nights is to recognize it won’t be like this forever. And to remind myself that I’m unbelievably lucky to have a screaming baby to wake up with in the middle of the night. I almost didn’t have that chance. He takes one long (2-3 hour) nap at school and usually two 1-2 hour naps on the weekends.

Favorite foods: PB&J, yogurt melts, gold fish, steamed carrots or sweet potatoes, pasta, Grandma’s meatballs
Currently loves: splashing, walking around, jumping on pillows, pop up books (I bought ANOTHER copy of Cheep Cheep Pop Up Fun), being tickled
Currently hates: not getting his way, diaper changes, getting dressed/undressed

School is awesome and he really loves his new class and teachers. I’ve banned myself from the lunchtime visits so I creeper stalk them during naptime. Nothing sweeter than sleeping babes. He is really active most of the day and they get outside twice if the weather is nice.

So that’s 14 months.

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