Fynnlee at 14 months

I know she’s almost 14 and a HALF months now. Sorry for the delayed update.

Squish is a busy bee these days. So so busy!

She is pretty much in constant motion. Usually walking around, carrying something way too big. Like a pillow or throw rug. She loves to throw the pillow on the ground and dramatically fall onto it. Cracks her up. Her walking is pretty solid now. She still occasionally falls if she hits an uneven surface but she recovers quickly. She can run too, which is super fun. For her. I’m exhausted!

She’s still a lot of drama. She doesn’t like to share but she’s getting better. Trantrums are our new normal. But of the two of them, she is the better listener. She knows what “Not for Fynnlee” means and she will give me things she’s not supposed to have when I ask. 80% of the time. I’m also learning that she’s pretty senstive and when I raise my voice, it hurts her feelings. She was flinging her little wooden hammer around (I know…WHY does she have a wooden hammer?) and then went to smack Greyson in the head with it. I caught her mid-whack and said (sternly) “I don’t think so. We do NOT hit our brother”. Her big eyes filled up with huge tears and her bottom lip started quivering. So of course, I grabbed her and hugged her and explained that we don’t hit and I was proud that she listened to me. Sucker.

Sleep is…I don’t want to talk about sleep, actually. It’s frustrating and inconsistant and makes me nuts. Let’s just say I’m guessing 8:30-4:30 is going to the norm for me for a long time. With some 3:30 wakeups thrown in for fun. She goes to sleep around 7 and don’t try an make it any longer. She goes right to sleep at night, no problem.

Favorite foods at the moment are bananas, goldfish, yogurt melts, anything in a pouch, chicken and pasta. She has 5 oz of milk in the morning, some at lunch and a 7 oz bottle before bed. She has a long list of things she doesn’t like but I just keep offering her lots of choices. Her tastebuds are constantly changing.

She has 10 teeth, size 5 diaper, 18-24 month clothes, 25 lbs, size 4 or 5 shoes. Currently loves: Kleenex, running, splashing, bathtime, books, Mickey Mouse, peekaboo, being chased. Currently hates: diaper changes, getting dressed/undressed, having the remote/phone/toilet paper taken away from her.

Her favorite words are Uh Oh and Hi. She’s still babbling a ton but I don’t hear any intentional words. She’ll say Mama & Dada at random.

Overall, we’re loving 14 months!!

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