Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee 14.2

Happy Monday Friends!!  I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle a brand new week. Jerry and I are admittedly feeling a little foggy as our sweet Beans are on a bit of a sleep strike (multiple wake ups during the night, 4:30 wake ups EVERY DAY!). But like always, we’ll pull through. And I’ll go to bed at 8:30 a couple of days. Whatever.

So I know you’re here for these two maniacs. We’ll let me tell ya, they are BUSY!

Our daycare just switched over to a new daily experience system, which is done all via iPad. They have ditched their pen & paper system for a sweet new program which gives us real time updates on the kids and lots more pictures (yay!). We used to get a paper sheet outlining their day and we now have an app we can check out all day long. We also get an email summary at the end of the day. I LOVE it!

 So what did they do at school last week?  Splash play in full effect!

I can just hear her yelling “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”!!

Greyson is already picking up chicks on the playground.

They painted some masterpieces. And tasted watercolors.

They also made awesome leaf prints.

I think last week’s theme was camping/nature.

They played outside when it wasn’t too hot.

And chilled out in the classroom when the temps hit 90.

Fynnlee is obsessed with I.D. badges.

They hung out in a real tent.

And listened to campfire stories

And ran off their energy in the big rec room.

He’s so proud that he can lift this cone.

Greyson had a stomach bug and stayed home on Friday but Fynnlee had a blast working on her fast ball.

And learning to fish. She gave up trying to use the pole and just reached in and grabbed all the “fish”.

We’re hoping new school day tires them out today and they sleep until 5 tomorrow morning. FIVE am.  That’s all I’m asking for.  5:00. Puhleeeeaaase????

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