Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 14.4

Oh hey…guess who turn 15 months tomorrow? That’s right. My 2 giant babies children. I’ll have a 15 month update next week after their doctor’s appt.

This week started out a bit rough for everyone’s favorite Squish. She tripped at home during Daddy’s watch and a bloody nose was a result.

And then we were at a picnic the next day and she fell (on my watch) and hit her head on a cement fire place ring. (Excuse the wild, fresh-out-of-piggies hair.)

I know. I KNOW! How the hell does that happen? In the span of 2 seconds, that’s how. I was right behind her and she picked up speed and I couldn’t get to her in time. She tripped and fell right into the (unlit) fire pit.

Luckily, my Aunt Pat (who is a nurse) was there to assess the situation and assure me that she wouldn’t need stitches. But she would have a pretty nice shiner for a week or two.  I almost (literally) passed out, btw. I can handle hurting myself but man, blood on my kids…yowza. Fynnlee was pretty much attached to Aunt Pat the entire time we were there. She’s the baby whisper.

Major Mom fail in that I didn’t bring their bathing suits on a 95 degree day. To a picnic with a pool. But babies can kind of get away with hanging out all day in their gutchies.

Random photo…but can there be too many pictures of the Beans in the bathtub? I think not.

It was another fab week at school! It is still hot here in the ‘burgh but they get the kids out in the morning while the temps are still tolerable. Hula hoops for the win!


There was plenty of indoor playtime too. New sensory blocks were a huge hit with Greyson.

And Fynnlee devours any and all books she can get her hands on.

They made tissue paper veggies for Fruit and Vegetables week.


There was some lounging..

And new toy playing.

And they planted some grass to watch how plants grow. Dirt is awesome!

Greyson was obsessed with these huge legos.

And Fynnlee channeled her inner Steve Nicks with these fun scarves.

There is always splashing at some point in the week. Those soda bottle sprinklers are pretty genius!


We have a whole weekend with not a lot on the schedule. 

I think we’re all looking forward to some R&R. 

3 thoughts on “Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 14.4”

  1. Oh mylanta, I cannot get enough of their pictures. They are the cutest twins in the world!

    Aww, Fynn! Caleb took a dive off the couch and had a nasty bump on his forehead a couple months back. It was heartbreaking.


  2. Jen you are right on Aunt Pat is the Baby Whisperer!! My granddaughter was also attached to her every waking moment last October! So sweet! Love the photos always and so appreciate all of the work that goes into posting and keeping us all up to date!


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