Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 15 Months

How would I describe 15 months? Mostly fabulous yet a little frustrating.

First lets get to the Fab part.

My goodness, these kiddos are fun! Truth be told, our Beans never really had that crazy twin bond that you hear so much about. It wasn’t a bit deal to me though because I try to think of them as individuals rather than one unit (twins get that a lot). We have entered a time of incredible sweetness between these two. They splash each other. They play hide and seek. They chase each other around a chair. Fynnlee styles Greyson’s hair everyday. And Greyson passes his cheerios to Fynnlee at the table. They find each other hilarious. Seriously, the giggles they evoke from one another are unlike any I can manage. That’s not to say they don’t fight like normal brothers and sisters. Oh, they are gonna have some knock down, drag out moments in the near future. But I’m not focusing on that right now.

They are both crazy mobile. I need 6 more arms. Praise the lord for baby jail. Greyson is pretty steady at this point and he learned to stand without assistance within a few days of walking. They don’t cry as much when they fall. And they’re obsessed with the stairs. Good gravy…our hardwood stairs are beautiful but I feel like they are a concussion waiting to happen.

Their little personalities have just exploded. Fynnlee is still full of drama but her sweetness completely overshadows it. And Greyson’s confident side is emerging, sprinkled with the perfect amount of ornery. Oh this child is ornery! They are starting to communicate more. Mostly by motions but the words are coming. Uh oh remains the only thing both of them say consistently. But Fynnlee will repeat words correctly. And we are starting to understand Greyson’s attempt at language. I’m not pushing the chatter though. 

They both love books, Mickey Mouse, the water table, the swings and slide at the playground, being outside and “chase” (when I chase them around the room and tickle them).

Food is pretty much the same. And is part of the frustration equation. They are not consistent with what they eat, with the exception of pouches, cheerios, goldfish & pasta. Most days Greyson love PB&J, carrots, sweet potatoes, watermelon & meatballs. And Fynnlee gravitates toward bananas, strawberries, mac & cheese and chicken. I TRY to be relaxed about what they eat because I love making food for them. But I take it so personally when they won’t eat it. I know…get over yourself, Jen. They are toddlers and are supposed to be finicky eaters.

The real frustration part is sleep. The early part of 15 months sucked in the sleep department. S.U.C.K.E.D! Yes it could have been worse…they could have had multiple nightly wake ups. But they got up for the day every morning between 4 and 4:15. Bedtime is always around 7 and they are wiped out by then. There is never an issue with them falling asleep. So keeping them up later is not an option. It’s just not. So, mid month we started letting them just cry until 5. We decided they were. not. allowed. to get up until 5. And after a week of that, it started working. The end of the month we have seen a lot of 5, 5:15 and 5:30 wake ups and it’s been Ahhhh-mazing. We’ve even had some mornings will one of them sleeps until 6 or 6:30. Not both, but one of them. Of course when that happens the other one wakes up at 4. We’re just trying to push through and hope it continues to get better. Fresh air and outdoor time seems to be key for getting a good sleep out of them.

They had their 15 month check up today. Here are their stats:


25lbs 10oz (93%)
30.5 inches (45%)
size 5 diaper, size 5 shoe, 18-24 month clothes

Greyson (new haircut has me like 😍)

23 lb 4 oz (56%)
31 inches (39%)
size 4 diaper, size 4 shoe, 12-18 month clothes.

Their 15 month check up was perfect. Kids are super healthy and are hitting all of their milestones. They basically spent the entire appointment tearing up the exam room. It definitely helps having both Jarrad and I at these check ups. 3 shots this time. Greyson is a rockstar and didn’t shed a tear. Fynnlee took hers pretty well until the last one. Then the tears flowed. 

So we have another month in the books {sniff}. These little people continue to amaze me every day.  I’m the luckiest woman on the planet to share my life with them. 

5 thoughts on “Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 15 Months”

  1. I am so glad you said your twins don’t have that ‘twin bond’ because people always ask me about that and I have to say, no, they are like two different children, but siblings. I mean, they are a lot alike in some ways, they are both mine, they are about the same size, the are the same age, but I don’t see this crazy bond. I kinda like it in a way though. They are independent. They are awesome!! I compare mine to everyone elses twins….I know I shouldn’t, but I do and it’s nice to hear mine aren’t weird. LOL


    1. I was a little concerned too. I think they behave like any other siblings would. I’m guessing identical twins might be different. But at the end of the day, they’re just brother and sister.


  2. I love these 2 little beans & it makes me sad they are growing up so quickly. My sister had boy & girl twins they were close as babies & for a while in a room together & we would stand outside the room & listen to them jibbering to each other like they knew what each one was saying. No word just baby talk. They are 24 now & still very close. They had to be separated in school because the girl always was worrying about the boy & trying to help him or finish his work for him. Keep enjoying them like you do time goes fast. Joyfa


  3. They are getting so big!!!
    I am the same way with food for my boys… whatever they will eat I will feed them. But I definitely take it personally when they won’t eat something I give them. And it can change from day to day what they will eat! It can be so frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time!


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