Life with Fynnlee 15.2/15.3

Hello Friends!! Note the chocolate chip cookie in Fynnlee’s hand. I had a feeling she would be sharing her love for all cookies chocolate chip with her Daddy. And I was partially right. She gobbled that cookie right up. And then spit out the chocolate. Right on the floor. So an apparent fan of cookies. Not a fan of chocolate. I think Jerry died a little inside when found out.

She’s a pretty cute little cookie.

Someone is a huge fan of Summertime. So much splashing!

And having buckets of water poured on her head.

Fynnlee also made a puffy paint masterpiece.

But these streamers were the highlight of her day. She loves anything she can fling around and wrap herself up in.

She named that ice cream flavor Yellow.

And stared at herself in the mirrors for a long time.

I can’t even tell you how much this Squish loves “mowing” the grass.  That’s going to come in handy during her teenage years.

There was some serious pouring going on here.  So. Serious.

We’re at a weird stage with this hair. Trying to decide if she should go for a trim or just let it grow. She seriously has the most beautiful hair. I’m so excited to french braid it!

We’ve had such a wonderful summer. And this little girl loves the sunshine. And playing with her shadow.

We’re headed on a roadtrip to Rhode Island this weekend to watch our cousin Joseph get married. Say a little prayer for us…for safe travels and healthy kids! We can use all we can get!

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