Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson and Fynnlee–16 Months

Somehow the summer is over. And I’m not happy about it. We have had the most amazing 3 months in Western PA. I don’t remember a recent summer with such picture perfect weather. Lots of playtime outdoors and something about sunny days that lend to stellar moods.



So our kiddos are 16 months. Which is almost 18 months. Which is dangerously close to 2. OMG my babies are almost 2!



16 months is the best month yet (broken record much?)! Between the game playing and the dancing and the trying to talk and the RUNNING. All of it is so much fun.





You might have noticed an excessive use of pacifiers during our Rhode Island trip. Ironically, I’ve been trying to limit the use of them to naps/bedtime and car rides. But during our trip, they were both feeling semi-crappy and they were put into a lot of new situations with new people. Those little rubber binks really do help to comfort them and I wasn’t about to take them away from them.  Ideally we’d be weaned off of them completely by 18months. But like everything else with these two…I’m just gonna wing it.

002 (2)


No bottles in sight. We actually ditched them at the beginning of last month. I had really only been giving bottles at bedtime. One day I was emptying the dishwasher and I just decided to pack them all up and donate them! I actually kept 2 in case there was a huge revolt but it was really no big deal to them. They still get a sippy of milk at night before bed and that’s really all they care about.  I see no reason to stop the milk at night any time soon.



Their Grandma is a dentist. These kids should have perfect oral hygiene. Truth is…we’re just getting started. It took Fynnlee a while to actually put the toothbrush in her mouth.  And Greyson prefers to use it to brush his hair. But we’re working on it. We show them how we brush our teeth and they try to copy us. Sometimes.


They hang out on the dog bed more than the dog.



Their tastes change every day.  As of right now, Greyson will eat 3 whole carrots (steamed with a little butter). Fynnlee is obsessed with chicken. Both love fruit still…bananas, berries, cantaloupe, oranges, Greyson could eat a whole watermelon (including the rind). Still love pasta, pesto, yogurt melts, goldfish, cheerios, Chex, fruit/veggie pouches. I’m not stressing as much about it.  They’re growing and are healthy and that’s all I care about. The only beverages they consume are milk and water. They definitely prefer salty over sweet. I accidentally bought the multigrain Cheerios, which are lightly sweetened and they wouldn’t touch them. But they devour plain ole boring Cheerios.




Sleep at the beginning of the month was horrible. Blame teeth, ears, full moon…whatever. But one of the kids were up every morning at 4am, if not sooner. But a few days after we returned from Rhode Island, things seemed to settle down and they’re waking up anytime between 5 and 6:30 (omghallelujah!). Total game changer. Jerry and I actually stayed up until…wait for it…TEN O’CLOCK one night and finished up Stranger Things (so weird but pretty good).  They still take one nap at school for 2-3 hours and 2 naps on the weekend. Greyson HAS to be hitting a growth spurt because he’s eating everything in sight and took a 3 hour morning nap and a 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap over the weekend.

One thing is for certain…fresh air and exercise is good for sleep patterns!




The only word they (still) say consistently is Uh Oh. I’m so ready for them to learn a new word!  We are terrible about trying to figure out their language. They are clearly trying to say certain words but we can’t always figure them out.  And we can’t figure out what is said intentionally or accidentally. The other day, Fynn looked right at Jarrad and said Hi Daddy. Clear as day.  And she says Mom a lot, as does Greyson. And they know the sign for More (they learned this as school).

That about wraps up 16 months. Life is better than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to see what September has in store for us!

3 thoughts on “Life with Greyson and Fynnlee–16 Months”

  1. Thank you for the multigrain cheerios! Oliver has been HOUSING them. Last night, it was really the only thing he would eat for dinner (sigh). Can’t believe our cuties are getting so big!


  2. They are so stinking adorable!!! I love watching them grow. We just started with toothbrushes here (Grandma is a dental hygienist) and they sometimes love it and sometimes hate it. Mine spend more time on the dog bed than the dog too!! I can’t wait to see what yours do next month since mine are a month behind them!!


  3. Weaning the babes off of stuff is so hard! Caleb drinks out of cups with straws all day, but will only drink milk out of a bottle so he still gets one milk bottle in the morning, but he’s on cups the rest of day. We’re doing well with the binky weaning though. He doesn’t need it for bed anymore and he only gets it now for naps and if he’s really crabby, otherwise they are hidden.


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