Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 16.1

Fynnlee has learned to open doors. Which is how this happened:

We don’t have standard door knobs in our house…we have those little handles that are super easy for little hands to grab and pull. Gone are the days where we can just pull a door shut and know the kids will be contained to one room. Or in the case demonstrated above, kept out of a room.

Just the other morning, I left Fynnlee with Jarrad in our bedroom while I took Jacob out for his morning potty break. As I was walking down the second flight of stairs to our front door, I heard some clicking and then the sweetest littlf voice calling “Mama…mama”. I screamed JARRAD!!! and started running up the stairs when I heard him yell “oh geez” and grab that little Squish before she tumbled down the stairs.

Point taken Fynnlee.

We had a blast over the long weekend and celebrated my favorite nephews birthday. I can’t believe he’s EIGHT! The little cousins love their big cousins and it’s so fun watching them play together.

Ryan is so patient with Greyson. Insert all the heart eyes…

Papa and Grandma sent the kids these little Adirondack chairs. They’re meant for the deck but as you can see, they’re quite comfy for watching hours of MMC.

They are the perfect size.

for just chillin

And eating snacks…

And they fit perfectly on the deck. No one is going to take your cracker, Fynnlee. #iflookscouldkill

So school days…oh what fun these two are having at school!  They’re making their own sensory bottles…

And learning about tooth brushing from their friend, Dr. Bear.

Greyson wants to be a dentist when he grows up, clearly Dr. Bear’s influence.

Foot painting is fun!

Well, maybe not so fun. (She actually loved it!). Check out little brother ready to stop Ms. Karalee if she tickled his sister.

They’ve been savoring the last days of summer hanging in the play yard.

Trying to climb trees

And mow the grass.

Blocks are a blast inside and out

Especially when you stack them way high

She’s gonna be trouble. And probably get away with all of it.

Hula hoops are always a crowd pleaser

Gotta run! It’s FRIYAY!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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