Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 17 Months

Let’s forget about the fact that I haven’t posted an update in 2 weeks…and talk about how these two Hooligans are 17 Months Old! There is so much craziness in that statement.

And “crazy” pretty much sums up these two. Crazy in the best possible sense of the word. They continue to be best friends and the hand-holding/hugging/hair stroking makes my heart burst with happiness every time it happens. There are sibling squabbles, of course, but they are pretty temperate and easily diffused.

So what is going on with Lovebug these days. Well, in true boy fashion, he loves to run. And climb on things. And play in the toilet dirt.

He loves running water. And door handles. Lock the bathroom door if you visit our house. Because he’s gonna check in on you if you forget!

He loves to stack things

and carry around objects that are way too big for him. He likes to show off is muscles.

Food – Just call him Greyson Garbage Disposal. Kiddo loves to eat! Current favorites are strawberries, bananas, PB&J, yogurt, buttered noodles and meatballs. He’s still sucking down pouches like it’s his job and shoving fistfuls of Cheerios/Goldfish/Chex any chance he gets.

Talk – We’ve moved from Uh-oh to All Done. He can also say Up, Mama, Dada, and Rawr (like a lion). His comprehension of directions is pretty good. And for the most part, he listens. Ornery is still his middle name and he gives you his famous Greyson grin before dumping his plate on the floor. Right after I say “Do not dump your plate on the floor”.

Sleep – Still annoyingly unpredictable. He sleeps through the night 99% of the time but wake ups are all over the place. One day it’s 6:00, one day it’s 4:30. And some days is 3:45. Ugh. No sense complaining.

But I’m dreading the end of Daylight Savings Time.

He’s a second away from moving up a size in all of the things. Currently he’s in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoe, size 4 diaper. No clue what he weighs but I’m guessing around 25lbs. He was 24.11 at his allergy appt a few weeks ago.

He’s still the sweetest boy alive. So happy. So loveable. He gives out hugs and kisses freely and he still lets me snuggle him to sleep at night. I always wanted to be a boy mama and I wanted a little boy just like him. I’m so lucky he’s mine.

On to my little Squish. Oh this child keeps me on my toes! She is also run, run, run

and she loves to dance

There is nothing like Fynnlee’s sweetness. When I pick her up at daycare, she drops whatever she’s doing and runs full speed to throw herself in my arms. She loves hard.

And the legendary Fynnlee temper has gotten stronger. The tantrums are pretty intense. Foot stomping, screaming, throwing herself on the floor. When she’s mad…she’s mad.

She recovers quickly though.

Usually when you give her what she wants. She’s gonna play us like a fiddle.

Food – Someone’s getting picky. Gone are the days of Fynn loving everything you put in front of her. Mac & Cheese…nope. Chicken…nope. Meatballs…nope. She’ll eat strawberries and bananas most days. Buttered noodle and english muffins too. Pouches, yogurt and crunchies are pretty much the only sure thing. She loves her milk and LOVES water.

Talk – Just like her brother, Uh-oh and All Done are her favorite things to say. She finds it easier to nod or shake her head to communicate yes or no and does so appropriately. I’m getting better at deciphering what she’s trying to say. And she’s getting better at repeating words. She knows Ouch, More, Up, Mama, and Dada. And Mine. Who is surprised that she knows how to say MINE? Exactly…no one.

Sleep – Same as Greyson. Easy as pie to get to sleep at night. Sleeps all night 99% of the time. Up at the ass crack of dawn every day.

I’m guessing she’s around 25lbs, maybe a little more. She’s in 18-24 month clothes, Size 5 shoe and size 5 diaper.

Sugar & Spice & everything nice. Nothing describes Fynnlee better than that. You are my sunshine, sweetpea. I’m a very lucky Mama.

Bring on October!

3 thoughts on “Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 17 Months”

  1. Gah – these pictures are melting my heart. I LOVE this age. There is just so much sweetness and fun. Oliver is also obsessed with water (like Greyson!). We pull a chair over to the sink and he plays for as long as we let him. Captain Planet would not approve of our water usage! xoxo

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  2. I am still looking forward to your updates. You will have to continue this for years. I am hooked on them now & love to hear what good parents you 2 are to your 2 little beans that are growing up too quickly.


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