Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 17.2

Current temps: 60 degrees and sunny. Perfect Fall weather in western PA!

Current eats: The kids are working on their utensil skills. Yogurt with a spoon.

And lots of stuff with a fork.

Current bathtime situation: Fynnlee drinking all of the bathwater. #1 it’s gross #2 It can’t be good for her. #3 It’s gross #4 She drinks so much that she soaks through an overnight diaper AND liner. #5 it’s gross (I guarantee at least one of them is peeing in the water)

Current finds: Binky graveyard under Fynnlee’s crib. I found ALL of these pacifiers under there!

Current indoor play: Leaf Walk. We had a rainy day so their teachers laid out a path of paper and sprinkled leaves over it.

Then the kids shuffled through the leaves and pretended they were on a leafy hike!

Current outdoor play: Tube stacking

Fit the tubes inside one another.

Currently learning: Colors!

The kids take turns matching the colored leaf with the coordinating bowl.

Currently practicing: Trick or Treat!

Currently reading: ALL OF THE BOOKS! The book obsession is out of control.

Current sleep: Missing our well rested days in Punta Cana. Babes are back to 4:15 wake ups and we are tired!

I’m meeting my college BFFs at our old stomping ground, IUP, tonight. It’s homecoming weekend and we decided it was a good excuse for a girls trip. I’m only staying one night but that means Jerry is having his first solo overnight experience with the Beans. Wish us both luck!!

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