Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 17.3

Western PA weather is still amazing. 80 in mid-October? Yes please! It lends to lots of outdoor playtime for the Beans.

Who knew that plastic ribbons could be so much fun?

Well they are!

bouncy balls in a box?

Also so much fun!

Soccer played with basketballs?

And basketball played with bouncy balls? Whatever works!

There was some beautiful art created with Indian corn.

Is it still called Indian corn?

Rainy day play is held in the Movement Matters Zone (MMZ). Fynnlee can’t wait for her Grandma teach her to play tennis!

And Greyson loves this climber. Stairs on one side and a ramp on the other. And a little perch on top.

I can’t even begin to describe how happy Fynnlee’s soccer skills are making her Daddy.

And this one…this one has to be getting into something he shouldn’t. Ornery with a capital G.

October means Pumpkin everything. They can’t carve them yet.

But they can paint them!

Speaking of painting…how adorable is this plate from Katie’s Clay Studio?? Highly recommended if you want some keepsakes from your little Beans.

Playdough is a close cousin to clay.

They’ll be firing up their own pottery in no time!!

We’re supposed to hit Shenot’s pumpkin patch tomorrow…fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!  Have a great weekend.

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