Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 18.2

I’m so happy it’s Friday…I could burst!! We’re doing Christmas card photos on Saturday. And Jerry and I have a brunch date followed by bedroom furniture shopping on Sunday. Yippee!!

So the last two weeks have been kind of lousy. I basically missed all of Halloween, including my Dad’s birthday, because I came down with a stupid case of Shingles. I KNOW! I had been experiencing some pretty horrible pain in my back, right under my left shoulder blade. I thought maybe it was from carrying my sweet babes all over the place (Greyson was going through a “hold me” phase”). And then a few days after that nonsense started, I broke out in a rash all over my chest, under my left arm and the left side of my back. Dr. Jerry diagnosed me when I showed him and Med Express confirmed it was Shingles. Good gravy…it sucked. It basically felt like someone had fired a blow torch on my skin where the lesions were.

My Dad and Anna stayed over one night to help with the kids (it also brings on flu like symptoms and I was wiped.out.) and I worked from home all last week. The good news was I caught it early so the bad part was short lived and now I’m just super itchy,

Then…daylight savings time hit and blew up all the sleep in our house. The kiddos have been off all week. Like way off. Fynnlee is up and ready to go at 3:30. Then Greyson pooped in the tub, which basically ruined bath night for Jerry forever. And then this election. Which was so much UGH…I’m just glad it’s over. And I’m also glad my kids are young and I don’t have to explain this mess to them.

moving on.

Fa la la la la..la la..la LA! Who is excited for the Holidays??? I pulled out the Christmas jammies I bought for the kids on super clearance last year and whoa…I’m just giddy. Like a kid at Christmas. I want to get our tree and hang our stockings and decorate RIGHT NOW! But I will wait until November 26th. I need to figure out how to keep the kiddos away from the tree?? I’m trying to avoid having baby gates that cover every inch of our house!

Onto the kids. That’s why you’re all here, right?  These sleepy faces are thanks to a 4:00 am wake up.

Still sunny and temperate in Western PA. That means there are good times at the playground.

pushing around trucks

banging legos

And dancin!

Indoors, the kids are prepping for the Bright Horizons art show!

They’ve also been having fun with some large scale puzzles.

Dress the clown. (Nothing’s scarier than a clown)

And participating in general goofiness.

He’s the goofiest!! And we need lots of goofy right now.

So Happy Weekend everybody! I’m ready to get over my Shingles/DLS time/Election-nonsense/Poop-in-the-tub hangover and enjoy a couple of  fun days with the fam. Hope you can do the same!

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