Life lately – Fynnlee

I sort of missed doing a 19 month update on the kids. I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t feel like it.

Really, Mom?

There are a few things I’d like to note about Squish at 19 months, just so I don’t forget.

#1 This sweet little jellybean wakes up every. single. day. at 4:15. Every day. Happy as all get out. Ready to start her day.

Don’t you DARE complain about how your kid is waking up at the ungodly hour of 6:00 am. I will happily take your early riser for a few days.

#2 She has decided she can exist on veggie straws, buttered noodles, yogurt and milk. And pouches, sometimes. I’ve stopped fighting it. It is what it is.

#3. Uh-oh has been replaced by Oh No as her favorite thing to say. And that would be said in two sentences. Oh. NO!

Her vocabulary has actually exploded…most of which I can’t decipher, but she jabbers all day.

#4 She is obsessed with this boat.


Like REALLY obsessed.

She does not like to share it.

But will with her brother. Usually under protest.

She’s smart and loves to draw.

She loves to read.

She loves to help. Actually she wants to do it herself.

She’s sweet. And Sassy. And so, so lovable.

She’s pretty much perfect. Well, except for the sleep thing.

3 thoughts on “Life lately – Fynnlee”

  1. She’s so funny! Caleb has been extremely picky about food lately too. I bought him those toddler shake drinks for the days he hardly eats.

    I’m totally one of those parents who complain about early risers. Haha! Caleb usually gets up between 7 and 8 but goes through early phases. The past two days he woke up around 5 and I was exhausted. I’m one of those people who can’t function on little sleep. Like at all. I get mean haha.


  2. My girls go back and forth on eating too. Sometimes they explore more foods and other times it is chicken, mac n cheese or yogurt. Such is the life of a toddler. She is getting so big. But yes she needs to sleep more. Give your mama a break Fynnlee!


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