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Holidays 2016

Well hello there! I know. I’m way behind in this post but better late than never, right?

Is it me, or did the holidays fly by at warp speed this year?? Wow. And while they were filled with a bit of ickiness (most of our family had the stomach flu, a cold or both), they certainly were wonderful.


Rather than give you a play by play, daily recap…I’m just gonna put together a mish mash of highlights.

Pre-Christmas – I was off on the 22nd and 23rd

Jarrad and I hit up the Strip District for our holiday food essentials. Penn Mac was insane, Parma was delightfully empty, and Wholeys was a seafood lovers piece of heaven.

This should say Wholey’s (stupid autocorrect)

We had lots of snuggles and shennigans


Peek a boo is still a big deal

img_0047  img_0046


More snuggles

Lots of Elf

While decorating the tree (new family tradition)

Christmas Eve…all the food


Grandma and Papa stayed with us for almost 3 fantabulous weeks! And even better, they’re moving to Pittsburgh in February.

Christmas Day – Santa was here!

So was Aunt Stephanie!

They didn’t quite get the concept of Santa but presents…oh they understood presents.

Our Christmas was definitely Merry & Bright

New Years Eve.

The kids fancied up and we went to the Lawrence’s to close out 2016. Guess who was kinda over pictures at this point?

Fynnlee was ok posing in her party dress.

But Greyson, oh Greyson. Over it!

He was fine when we reached our destination because…ya know. Trains.

It was a quick visit but I love my ladies.

Jerry and I put the kiddos to bed and hit the town. Dinner at Hyde Park was lovely and we managed to stay up until 12:30 and kiss at midnight. That hasn’t happened in at least 3 years!

This post doesn’t do our holiday season justice. Despite the sickness, we cherished every moment.

We are so excited for you, 2017!

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