Life lately – Fynnlee

Oh…hi there.

So what’s new and exciting with everyone’s favorite Squish?

Let’s start off discussing sleep. We spent most of the last 6 weeks waking up with little Miss at 4:00 am. And then right after the new year, she magically started sleeping until 5:15/5:30. It. Was. Bliss. Note how I said…WAS. We had 4 or 5 days of solid sleep and then she got sick. Sick as in 105.8 degree temperature, taken to Children’s hospital kinda sick. (more on all of this in a minute). It took 4 days for her to feel better but we were back to crappy sleep. The last few days have been 4 am wake ups. Fiddlesticks.

She takes a solid 2+ hour nap at school but the weekends are kind of all over the place. She fights sleep HARD and no matter how tired, FOMO is so much stronger than exhaustion. I took to driving her around for 2 hours one day just so she would get some much needed rest. I guess you don’t get two kids that are good sleepers.

Or good eaters. Fynnlee remains pretty picky. She eats her yogurt and fruit every morning like a champ. And she’s 50/50 on the school’s lunches. But dinner is generally a crapshoot. I never know what she’s gonna eat and what she’s going to feed to Jacob. It’s still frustrating and it still hurts my feelings but she’s clearly not starving so I should just roll with it, right? Easy for YOU to say.

Her vocabulary is moving right along. She has full blown conversations with herself and I’m getting better at catching some of what she’s saying. It’s like listening to someone speaking French. I pick up certain words here and there but for the most part, I’m lost. Her new favorite word is Yep and she’s also pretty fond of Oh My. But the cutest thing by far is when she (or Greyson) says Please. It sounds like Peas and I’ll pretty much give them anything they want if they just ask nicely.

Tantrums continue to be legendary. It’s best just to let them ride. I give her a few minutes then get down to her level and ask her to play. 9 times out of 10 she’s giggling within 30 seconds. And her giggle…oh my. It makes my heart explode! She thinks I’m pretty funny too so I get to hear that sweet sound a lot.

So back to her illness…

Our whole house pretty much had the stomach flu over the holidays. It started with Greyson and worked it’s way through all of the adults (except me). Fynnlee was spared but on Wednesday of last week, she came down with a fever of 102 and had to stay home from school. Jarrad & I tag teamed Thursday and she seemed OK. Still feverish but she was playing and in a decent mood. She woke up crying Thursday night and when I picked her up, she was on fire. I took her temperature and almost passed out when I saw the thermometer hit 105.8. Jarrad and I both recall being told that a temp of above 105 will basically fry a little brain and cause brain damage and after a call to our pediatricians after hours number, he took her to Children’s Hospital ER.

Long story short, it was just a virus that had to run it’s course. We got some Tylenol to put where the sun don’t shine because Fynn is the worst medicine taker in the history of ever. And I stayed home all day Friday to snuggle my baby, who was 100% better by Sunday morning.

Note: A temp over 105 will not fry your baby’s brain. The body will eventually regulate it’s temp but a fever that high is usually the sign that something serious is going on. And an ice cold bath will not only NOT bring a fever down, it will make your sick baby miserable. Sorry about that one, Fynnlee

We’re working on getting her to brush her teeth (she kind of hates it) but this little Squish has been peeing on the potty everyday for the last two weeks! Now THAT is exciting stuff.

She also has a full set of teeth. She’s in size 24 months/2T, Size 6 shoe and size 5 diaper.

Life with this little girl is certainly never boring!

1 thought on “Life lately – Fynnlee”

  1. When I hear all this it makes me think of days gone by. Know how u feel. It makes me sad to c how fast they are growing up. I will be crying when they are ready for school. U 2 are the best. Love Joyfa


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