Fynnlee, Greyson

Pittsburgh Children’s Museum 

Alternative title: How to exhaust your toddlers in 2 hours.

We first went to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum in December. I was actually unsure if there would be enough for 19 month old kids to do. After checking the website, I saw they had a “nursery” area that had age appropriate activities and as kids under 2 were free, we thought “what the heck?”.

So did they like it? Spoiler alert…we bought a membership. We’ve gone one other time since then because of the holidays and ya know…pneumonia. But here are some fun pictures of our visits.

Handsome boy on the light up table.


This table of blue beads. Rocked Fynnlee’s world.


Bug in the grass


Blue beads for life. Seriously, she was obsessed.


Magnetic car parts on a giant skate ramp


Wheel of Fortune




and more Trains.


Fun in the sand.


Oh Hi, giant Pierogie.


Greyson loved the Pirate Parrot (good thing because there are lots of father/son Pirate games in his future.)


And this one…she’ll come around


There are so many other things I didn’t take pictures of. Honestly, our kids had such a blast at the Children’s museum. And we haven’t even hit the water floor yet (because ya know…pneumonia). We’re already looking forward to our return trip!

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