Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 21.3 months

The year is 2030. The time is 4:30 am. I am banging pots and pans above my teenage daughter’s head. “Mooooooooom, stoooooppp itttt”, she whines. “Why do you keep waking me up so early???”

“My darling Fynnlee…please refer to blog post 2/21/2017 where I complain that you haven’t slept past 4:30 for almost 2 years and I tell you paybacks are a B.”

~Sigh~ I’m tired.

In her defense, Fynnlee was just sick (again). Double ear infection this time and we had 3+ nights of a very miserable baby getting next to zero sleep. And as things usually go with my favorite daughter, it takes at least 2 weeks for her to get back to decent sleep. She’s been waking up between midnight & 1:30 and screaming for at least an hour before waking up for the day @ 5. Now I will happily sit up and snuggle her all night when she is ill, but I have zero patience for this other nonsense. Quite frankly, if she were an only child, I pop my earplugs in and let her scream her head off all night long. Sound heartless & cold? Spend a week of sleep overs at my house. You’ll quickly change your tune.

Greyson continues to sleep super well. Out like a light by 7 and up around 6. And it’s not fair for him to have to deal with her screaming so we have been putting her in the pack n play in our bedroom. Jerry can sleep through a parade marching through our room but I can’t sleep through that noise. Let me remind that I’m cold and heartless and the screaming doesn’t bother me. I just need quiet to sleep well. So tonight is a new plan. She wakes up. I get her, put her in our room and then sleep in the guest room.

I told Jerry all of these sleepless nights are just my training for Las Vegas (we will be there in 11 weeks…EEEK!). He said we’re the only people who go to Vegas to get a good nights sleep.

Alright. Enough of that (I know, I know…I’m obsessed with sleep).

So Fynnlee was sick on Friday and we put in the first call to duty for Grandma Soscia. She’s been officially living in Pittsburgh for 10 whole days. #godblessgrandparents.

Saturday she was still miserable and Jerry volunteered to take her to the doctor. And I took Bug on a date to the Children’s Museum.

Hooboy, what a difference in that place Saturday vs. Sunday! It was nuts.

The beauty of the membership is we can go for an hour and not feel guilty about the cost. By noon, it was packed and I hate crowds so we checked out to relieve Daddy.

I need to make it more of a priority to get one on one time with my kids. It’s good for them and me.

Fynnlee’s fever broke later in the day and by dinner time, she was feeling much more like herself.


Our weather this weekend was insanely beautiful. Blue skies and sun all around. It was in the 60s which makes pants optional.

It was a great day for a drive to my Dads and Grandma & Grandpa Hurley prepared us a feast! Filet, chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, carrots and apple pie. I forgot the booster seats (whomp whomp) but these two Beans were so proud of themselves sitting at the table in big kids chairs. And Fynnlee ate her weight in Choo Choo wheels (Grandmas always make better food than Moms do), which made me very happy considering she had no appetite while she was sick.

They love their Grandma Anna!

So that was the weekend. Fynnlee was extra pumped to get back to school on Monday and wowed her teachers with a 3 hour nap #becauseshewontsleepatnight. Speaking of school, here are some recent snapshots:



And that’s life lately! Hope you have a great, healthy, rested week!

1 thought on “Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 21.3 months”

  1. I saw that Fynnlee was sick lately and I felt so bad. My girls haven’t been sleeping later than 5:30 and it sucks. I know how you feel. And Avery wakes at 4 am almost daily asking for milk. Girl you don’t get milk until breakfast. Ugh. Hope she feels better. Love all the pictures and update!


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