Weekend Update

Don’t you love those kind of weekends where you have nothing planned? So you just go with the flow and hang with your people and feel totally refreshed when you start a new week. That was our time over the last two days.

Western PA was beautifully sunny albeit pretty cold. But no one wanted to be stuck in the house. So here’s what we did….


The morning was filled with playing & naps (The Beans), Yoga & Grocery Store (The Mom) and prepping Taxes (the Dad). Then we decided it might be fun to spend the afternoon at the Children’s Museum. And we packed an extra set of clothes for the kids so they could hit the water floor at the end of our visit. Finally. Parental win!!

It wasn’t as crazy busy as we thought it might be. Saturdays can get really nutzo. We wasted no time heading straight to the BEADS!

Fynnlee is obsessed. Still.

Greyson played at the bead table for a while before checking out the giant light bright.

We spent the next 1/2 hour in the Garage.  Lots of observing.

Watching car races

And hanging at the ball table.

Then we psyched the kids up to leave by promising SO MUCH FUN on the water floor! The elevator opened and we immediately realized our parenting fail. I thought it was lots of fountains, and splashing and rubber duck ponds. Nope. Full on rain showers and hoses and an absolute need for bathing suits. Sorry Beans. Next time.

We were pretty hungry afterwards and thought a stop at Mad Mex might hit the spot. We ordered the children’s chicken quesadilla for our kiddos (came with rice & corn). Guess how much of it they ate? none. zero. zilch.

They did, however, eat 1/2 of Jerry’s french fries.

On the way home, we decided to make a quick stop and get Greyson’s hair cut.

He was a perfect little angel sitting on Dada’s lap and I’m swooning over his new do.

Sunday was pretty chill. We had swim class at 9:30, then weekly food prep and laundry while the kids napped and before you know it, it was time for Sunday dinner at Grandma & Papa’s! It was the first Sunday dinner we had at their new place and Grandma made macaroni and meatballs at Jerry’s request (it was his first taste of carbs in almost a month!).

The adults and Greyson devoured the meal.

This one…this one ate goldfish.  She’s lucky she’s cute.

And just like that. It’s Monday! I have 2 weeks worth of school pictures to share later this week so stay tuned!

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