Fynnlee, Greyson

It’s the freakin weekend

I’m about to have me some fun!   Throwing a little R. Kelly at ya to get you pumped for St. Paddy’s Day! Whoop Whoop!

But before we kick off our weekend, let’s recap the week.

It was a good one!

The kiddos had a little dress up party this morning.  They tried on beads, hats and glasses and got all kinds of festive for the day of St. Patrick.

They’ve actually been playing dress up all week. Girlfriend loves her beads.

And this silly turkey sure can ham it up in a hat!

They dyed their milk green.

Which looks pretty gross, actually. I don’t think they drank it though

And they made some shamrock art in the shaker bin.

These are their favorite kinds of art projects. Shake it up!

There were also wild times in the MMZ (it’s been in the 20s all week so no outside play).

The Beans love this yellow bouncing ball.

I know…you’ve seen them hopping on this ball in about 800 bazillion school pictures. But it’s a serious obsession.

When he’s not bouncing…he’s marshmallow rolling. Greyson is really into pushing things around these days.

She’s sour.

And sweet. She can turn on a dime.

And then she can really turn it up!

Seriously, this face. And that hair! Apparently Greyson ate all of his yogurt and promptly put the bowl on his head.

And then Fynnlee came to his rescue. Gotta keep her brother looking good (now if he could only do something with her wild hair!)

And that, my friends, was the school week. We’re headed back to the Children’s Museum tomorrow…and our bathing suits are packed!

Have a great weekend!

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