Weekend Update

Happy Monday Tuesday! I’m a day late with my weekend update but better late than never, right? Let’s jump right in.

The kids woke up bright and early on Saturday. Fynnlee was up at 3:15! We tried to get her to go back to sleep in our room but she basically just cried for an hour and a half so at 4:45, I just got up for the day.

Greyson was up around 5. We did our usual morning routine (Mickey, snuggles, breakfast, PinkFong, play, play, play) and then we got everyone dressed. We were finally going to hit the water floor at the Children’s Museum! Yay!

We made a pit stop in the “Garage” (see what I did there??)

And then played with the beads/toys/light brights in the “nursery”.

Then it was time to get wet! I put their bathing suits on under their clothes so we just had to strip em down and change up their shoes.

The water was freezing! But they didn’t care. They filled up buckets and dumped them on their heads. They splashed in the fountains and pushed their boats in the river.

I looked over at Greyson at one point and his lips were blue and he was shivering. I wrapped him in a towel and said “You ready to get dry, buddy” To which he yelled “NO NO NO NO NO!” Ok then.

Jerry had an appointment that afternoon (fantasy baseball draft) and I didn’t want to get stuck wrangling the kids by myself so we made them dry off and get ready to go home.

We left around 1:00, Jerry went to his draft and I headed to Grandma & Papa’s, who graciously offered to watch the kids while I went to the grocery store. They fell asleep on the way to their house so I drove through Starbucks. I’m loving these Springtime cups!

They were fast asleep when we got to Lois & Paul’s house & they didn’t wake up until after 3:00. Driveway naps for the win!

Once they woke up, I hit up Aldi and scored the motherload. Cases of Le Croix for $3.99! And they were a 15 pack too. I bought 5 cases. #lecroixaddict

I also cleared their shelves of pouches.

Since Jerry was going to be out for the night, I was invited to stay for make your own pizzas. Grandma was giving the Beans their first lesson in Pizza making.

And picky Fynnlee ended up eating 3 pieces! That is definitely a record.

We headed home around 6:30, did a quick bedtime routine (pjs, milk, Mickey) and the Beans were fast asleep by 7:30. I watched the finale of “Are you the One?” and was out by 9:15.

Sunday was Jerry’s morning to get up with the kids and they let him sleep till 5. I almost got up with them when I heard Fynnlee calling “Mommy! Mommy!” but thought better of it. Mama needs one good day of sleep. Daddy handled breakfast duty and morning playtime until about 7:30 when the whole family busted into our bedroom for Sunday morning cartoons. We snuggled in bed for about 15 minutes, watched some Daniel Tiger and then got ready. It was time for Swim Class!

They insist on walking pretty much every where these days.

In the couple of months we’ve been attending Goldfish, we have seen definite improvement in the kids “swimming” abilities. Fynnlee is fearless and will jump in the water whether your ready for her or not. Her kicks are outstanding and we’re working on floating (who wants to lie still when you can flail around like a fish?). Greyson is a bit more cautious but has no problem going underwater. His kicking has gotten so much better from our first class (where the number of times he kicked his legs was zero) and he’s really good at floating on his back.

It’s often more trouble to get the kids out of their suits than the actual lessons but they really love it.

Jerry’s is giving free surf lessons to the first 3 people who comment on how cute Greyson’s bathing suit is.

After class we headed to Grandma & Papa’s for brunch. The kids fell asleep in the car on the way there so we all got to eat a hot meal in peace!  Yes, another driveway nap! They only slept for an hour or so and then had some bacon, fruit and cereal. And read books.

And watched Daniel.

After brunch we went home and tackled the typical Sunday stuff. Laundry, food prep, standing on the table which we know we’re not allowed.

It was a good weekend.

And because I’m late, yinz guys get a bonus of Monday’s school pictures! The kiddos were happy to see their friends and teachers yesterday.


I also had a discussion about their transition to the Twos classroom (cue heart palpitations). Looks like they won’t be moving till end of May/beginning of June. Which is fine with me. I can keep pretending that they are not getting older.

Hope you all have a good week!

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