Fynnlee, Greyson

 This is TWO

They tell you “they grow up so fast” and “don’t blink or you’ll miss it“. And oh my goodness are they right. I have NO IDEA how my babies, my little sweet teeny tiny babies…are TWO. Wasn’t I just obnoxiously pregnant last week? Complaining about my swollen ankles and my aching knees? The passing of time is crazy…like CRAZY, crazy and here we are. The Beans are 2.

Two is tantrums and tears followed by hugs and kisses. Two is craving independence but looking to Mom or Dad for reassurance. Two is pushing boundaries but thriving on praise. Two is giggles and happy squeals. Two is snuggles and cuddles and “All Done”. Two is Hi Mommy and Bye Daddy and parents that melt into puddles when they say our names.

Two is pretty freaking awesome.

Greyson at TWO…

* loves his Mommy and loves his Daddy but his favorite person on the planet is his big sister. He calls her Nin Nee (and probably will forever) and he thinks she hung the moon. She had a meltdown the other day so he sat down on the floor with her and patted her back while she wailed. He loves to make her laugh and when she does, he repeats that funny thing over and over. He loves to hold her hand and share his snack with her.

* has grown some devil horns. My sweet little lovebug has tapped into his super ornery side. His favorite word is “NO”, he loves to run away from you when you call him and when you say “Greyson please don’t dump water on the floor/get into that drawer/throw things off the deck…he grins and does it anyway. He’s lucky he’s cute. He still has a very sweet, very lovable side that more than makes up for his spunkiness.

* asks for “Do Do” (Baby Shark) or Mick (MM Clubhouse) first thing every morning and then pretty much all day. He loves all books and music. His favorite toys are his bus, his riding toy, blocks and balls. He’s starting to become very interested in cars, too. He has 27 stuffed animals that he likes to carry everywhere with him but his favorites are Puppy (which we keep at school) and Teddy (which he has at home).

* has a whole arsenal of words at his disposal. His vocabulary has exploded over the last 2 months! He thinks every color is Blue (Bee-yew), love to talk about his stinky feet (Pee Pew) and can now ask for a banana (bana), pouch or wawa (milk).

* loves to be outside, outside, outside, outside…whether it’s the deck or the playground. Makes rainy days tough.

* eats like a champ. Favorites are grandma’s chicken soup, meatballs, pesto chicken, strawberries, yogurt and pouches. He’s only ever had water and milk to drink but he now gets 2% at home. He does not like normal kid food…chicken fingers, ranch dressing, ICE CREAM! But that’s just fine with me.

Fynnlee at TWO…

* has every man in her life wrapped around her little finger. She loves her Daddy/Papa/Grandpa Jim/Grandpa Carl something fierce and gravitates toward them first. Mark my words…one of them will buy her a pony someday. She definitely has her moments when she needs her Mommy so I don’t mind.

* She LOVES, loves books and will let you read to her for hours. Our board book days are dwindling as she really likes the ones geared toward older kids. We’ve avoided the library so far because she (and her brother) cannot be trusted not to rip out pages. But we’re getting close to having respect for our books so I look forward to our first Field Trip.

* has discovered how to sleep. You know how I feel about Jinx and I’m going to smack myself in the head if this stops. But she has slept in until at least 5:45 every single day for the past 3 weeks!! Some days I need to wake her up for school!! You guys have no idea how HUGE this is. HUGE!

* is such a sensitive little soul. Don’t get me wrong…this child can turn on the Diva behavior right quick. But her feelings get hurt so easily and she cries when Greyson gets in trouble. And when she gets in trouble…she’s devastated.

* is less picky than she was. Still loves pasta, pesto chicken, strawberries, yogurt, veggie straws, stuffed shells and pouches. But she’ll try anything I am eating and usually steals half of my food once she decides she likes it. Only drinks water and 2% milk.

* She still loves anything with buttons (the remote, computer keyboards, pop up toys) and loud, noisy toys. She’s really getting into puzzles and pointing out characters in her Mickey book. Favorite shows are Daniel Tiger, MMC and Do Do (PinkFong). She’s started “singing” along to her favorite songs. She also gravitates toward Halloween, which I find odd. Mickey’s Monster Musical is her favorite episode, Pete the Cat’s 5 little pumpkins is her favorite book and Ding Dong, Trick or Treat is her favorite PinkFong song (next to Do Do)

* LOVES swim class and has no fear. She loves to jump into your arms and pushes you away when you stand too close.

Oh Greyson and Fynnlee, you are the best part of everything. I am in awe of the people you are becoming and am unbelievably blessed to be a part of it. Every day is a good day when I’m with you and I’m so excited to see what adventures await us this year.

You are so loved.

Roadtrips, Weekend

Girls trip to Hershey 2017

3 years ago, Amy & I started a little tradition that I’m so happy we’ve continued. Girls weekend in Hershey!

I left at noon on Friday and made it to the Chocolate Capital of the World by 4. The trip is 3.5 hours but ya know…pee breaks.

We met up at the hotel (the very posh Super 8), talked non stop for 2 hours and then left for dinner at Harvest in the Hotel Hershey.

I fell in love with their burger all over again.

We went back to the room and were asleep by 9:00. Two party animals, I tell ya! I slept until 7:00 and it was heaven.

Saturday morning was spa day! Our appointments weren’t until 3:30 so we had a light breakfast and then hit the Tanger Outlets for some retail therapy. After
a yummy Buffalo Chicken Salad at houlihan’s (which I just read it the 3rd unhealthiest salad at any restaurant chain…ooops) we checked in to the Spa.

They give you these super comfy robes and lead you on a quick tour before directing you to one of their waiting rooms.

Bahahahahaaaaa! As if…

I am not a fan of being quiet.

I seriously had the best pedicure of my life.  It was the “Cuban” and you get a mojito sugar scrub and lime moisture cream plus a stellar foot and leg massage. Amy made fun of my color choice as I’m exceptionally predictable. What can I say…I like classic.

We took hot showers and lounged around for a while before deciding to veg out with a pizza and TV back in the room. We housed this entire thing…in our defense, it was only a 6 cut. And covered in veggies so it was basically a salad.

We watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days before falling into a deep sleep.

Amy and I have been friends for almost THIRTY YEARS! I can’t wait to see her again when she visits Pittsburgh in July. xoxo love you AT.


What a week!

What a week, right?!

I feel like I’m stuck somewhere between Good grief this was the longest week ever and Where the heck did this week go?? Maybe because I look at my calendar and it’s jam packed over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Lots of fun, FUN stuff on the horizon and this Sunday kicks off Birthday Week for my two favorite little people. You guys…how do I have two year old children?? I seriously can’t even….

So rather than bawl my eyes out, I’m going to recap all the fun of the week.


Who is this giant child riding a bike with a helmet on???

Greyson spent the day with the Big kids in the Twos class. He’s ready to move up.


We had a bright sunny day which meant a ride around the campus in the big buggy.

Think they like this activity?


Rainy day = playtime in the MMZ


Still rainy but she won’t let that get her down.

He makes friends where ever he goes.  Plastic people are no exception.

The afternoon cleared up and that meant a walk in the sun.


Never to young to start some light yard work. She takes her job very seriously. 

Him….not so much. 

It’s all fun and games to Greyson. 

I’m headed to Hershey PA for a girls weekend. Can’t wait to hang with my BFF, hit the spa and eat lots of chocolate! Happy weekend to you.

The Beans, Weekend

Easter 2017

Technically it’s still spring but with temps in the 70s, I’m calling it the unofficial start to summer! It was blue skies and sunny days with a few rain clouds at inopportune moments…but we filled this Easter weekend with so much fun and family. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Friday – Birthday cookout for yours truly filled with food and family. My Dad & Anna, my aunt Patty, Kevin, Katie and the kids, Jarrad’s parents and the Beans. We grilled up burgers, dogs and shrimp and face planted into TWO cakes. It was a good day.

Saturday – The Bean’s first Easter egg hunt proved that they are still a bit young for the festivities. They were more interested in the bubble machine. Grandma & Papa hid two dozen eggs at their house but we got rained out before we could start looking. We were pretty disappointed but the stuffed shells and ricotta pie more than made up for it! Our twinsies were spoiled rotten and got their very own yellow bouncy balls.

Sunday – A nice quiet morning, a long nap & Easter dinner at Grammy’s. We had ham, lasagna, cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs. And Ryan & Kendall made me a bunny cake for my birthday! The kids ran circles around the house (literally) and crashed hard on the way home.

Snapshots of our days…

My heart is full and so is my belly! Jerry and I are hitting the diet hard because we leave for Las Vegas in 3 weeks!  My two favorite little people have a birthday between now and then and I’m headed to Hershey this weekend for some girl time.  Its a busy time of year and I love every minute of it!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Catch up

Who wants to see what the kids were up to last week at school? I thought you might.

Monday – Sunny day spent on the playground

Tuesday – Drawing and playtime in the MMZ

Wednesday – exploring a birds nest with our magnifying glasses

(These 3 musketeers have been friends since day one of their daycare days. Vivian is a few weeks younger than our kids but they have basically grown up together.)

Thursday – lots of play and stories

Friday – Crazy weather for our Pirates home opener. We still wore our gear.


So the weekend was a bit of a bust due to Fynnlee’s current “digestive” situation. She was still refusing to go to the bathroom and her little hiney was raw and so, so sore.

Saturday – Jerry took Fynnlee to the doctors and I took Greyson to the playground.

Then Oliver and baby Ellis came over for a playdate.

We had some lunch

And my ovaries basically exploded when I saw Jerry holding Ellis. He is so dreamy. Ellis is pretty cute too.


High of 35 on Friday….75 on Sunday. Western PA has a split personality. Jerry took Greyson to swim class and I stayed home with Fynnlee. She was feeling a little better and we had fun playing on the deck.

Once they got home, we loaded up the kids and went to the playground. Yes, front facing seats…I’m a rebel.

It was a gorgeous Sunday and we were all happy for some fresh air.

We stopped at Bruster’s on the way home and it turns out my kids don’t like ice cream What the what?

Fynnlee stayed home Monday and Today. A couple of days of frequent diaper changes and no pants is on her agenda. Here’s hoping for a good rest of the week! 

Fynnlee, Greyson, Weekend

Weekend Update

Alternatively titled “We didn’t go to visit Aunt Stephanie”
or “Aunt Stephanie comes to Pittsburgh”
or “The Beans have the best Aunt ever”
or “Fynnlee won’t poop”

Is this the face of a miserable child or what? My poor baby.

Our week continued to be pretty crappy (or NOT crappy, depending on which way you look at it)…Greyson was still cutting teeth and feeling sick. And Fynnlee was still dealing with her digestive issues and diaper rash. But we decided we would press on and hope for the best. We were so excited to see Aunt Stephanie so I picked the kids up on Friday at noon and we were on our way.

We were pretty hopeful when they both passed out 30 seconds into the drive. But around the 45 minute mark, Fynn woke up screaming (like crying SO hard). Jerry pulled over on the turnpike and I changed her in the back of the van. That’s when I saw how bad the diaper rash was (aka bleeding) and we made the tough decision to call Steph and tell her we couldn’t make it. There was no way I could let this child sit in a car seat for another 3 hours. We turned around and called our pediatrician on the way home.

If you don’t like reading about poop, skip to the next paragraph. So basically what is happening with Fynnlee is she got herself constipated and when she finally went it really hurt. Now, whenever she has to go, she squeezes her little butt cheeks together so tight (she’s afraid) and only a little bit comes out. She was doing this 10+ times a day (hence the diaper rash). Currently, I’m pumping her full of prunes and a probiotic and hoping she’ll have a big BM she can’t control and see that it doesn’t hurt to go. As far as the diaper rash is concerned, our doctor recommended Calmoseptine…which I had never heard of but is a miracle!! Ironically Danielle had actually mentioned it after my last post and we picked up a tube on the way home from the doctors. Within one diaper change there was marked improvement. You put the calmoseptine on the affected area and then cover with a zinc diaper rash cream (my favorite is Triple Paste). There is a little menthol in it, which I thought might burn a little but I can only assume it’s soothing based on Fynnlee’s reaction. Prior to this cream, she would literally scream “NO, NO, NO…!” when she saw a baby wipe (and we were using water wipes with nothing in them). It killed me. So, if you have a baby, pick up some of the pink stuff in the green tube (Calmosepine)!

Poop discussion over.

Back to Friday…We were so excited when Stephanie offered to come to us! Rather than rush around on Friday, she decided she’d drive to Pittsburgh on Saturday morning and spend the whole weekend with us. So Friday night was low key. I pilfered through the fridge and freezer and managed to find enough stuff to make pasta with sausage, peppers and mushrooms. The kids ate it too!

Saturday morning was pretty uneventful. We hung out around the house for a bit, went to Whole Foods (the kids napped & Jerry stayed in the car) and then back home to wait for Aunt Steph.

Aunt Stephanie got to our house around noon and she brought pizza! So we all had a nice, big lunch and then headed to Ross Park Mall. It was pretty ugly out so an indoor play space sounded like a good idea.

Note I said “sounded” because that play area is always hit or miss. Often times, there are kids have no business being there (aka they are bigger than me) or there are too many kids running wild (they are kids, I get it) or there are little punks whose parents are a-holes and just stare at their phones the whole time, completely unaware that their kid is being a jerk.

Saturday was one of those “miss” days…and after Fynnlee got knocked over, I knew it was time to leave. Or I would be bailing Jerry out of jail.

So we walked around.

And played in the cars

And rode the train.

And we still had a great time! Although Fynnlee didn’t love the train.

Grandma & Papa agreed to babysit so Jarrad, Steph and I wrapped up our day at Patron.

Sunday had us Jerry up early and we spent a lazy morning with Mickey, Daniel and Do Do (Pink fong). It was a pretty nice day so we decided to try a new playground at Pine Community Center. I didn’t take many pictures but it was a nice park.

Grandma made a fantastic Sunday dinner (again, no pictures…sorry Grandma!)…chicken cutlets, roasted carrots and potatoes, green beans, chicken thighs and apple tart for dessert. Fynnlee ate all of Papa’s chicken (she’s got that sign for MORE perfected) and a little bowl of ice cream. Greyson had a meltdown pretty much through the whole thing (poor bug and his ouchy molars) so we had to say goodbye sooner than we would have liked.

We have another trip planned to see Aunt Stephanie in June and we’re already counting down the days!!

Oh & Fynnlee still won’t poop.