Catch up

Who wants to see what the kids were up to last week at school? I thought you might.

Monday – Sunny day spent on the playground

Tuesday – Drawing and playtime in the MMZ

Wednesday – exploring a birds nest with our magnifying glasses

(These 3 musketeers have been friends since day one of their daycare days. Vivian is a few weeks younger than our kids but they have basically grown up together.)

Thursday – lots of play and stories

Friday – Crazy weather for our Pirates home opener. We still wore our gear.


So the weekend was a bit of a bust due to Fynnlee’s current “digestive” situation. She was still refusing to go to the bathroom and her little hiney was raw and so, so sore.

Saturday – Jerry took Fynnlee to the doctors and I took Greyson to the playground.

Then Oliver and baby Ellis came over for a playdate.

We had some lunch

And my ovaries basically exploded when I saw Jerry holding Ellis. He is so dreamy. Ellis is pretty cute too.


High of 35 on Friday….75 on Sunday. Western PA has a split personality. Jerry took Greyson to swim class and I stayed home with Fynnlee. She was feeling a little better and we had fun playing on the deck.

Once they got home, we loaded up the kids and went to the playground. Yes, front facing seats…I’m a rebel.

It was a gorgeous Sunday and we were all happy for some fresh air.

We stopped at Bruster’s on the way home and it turns out my kids don’t like ice cream What the what?

Fynnlee stayed home Monday and Today. A couple of days of frequent diaper changes and no pants is on her agenda. Here’s hoping for a good rest of the week! 

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