What a week!

What a week, right?!

I feel like I’m stuck somewhere between Good grief this was the longest week ever and Where the heck did this week go?? Maybe because I look at my calendar and it’s jam packed over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Lots of fun, FUN stuff on the horizon and this Sunday kicks off Birthday Week for my two favorite little people. You guys…how do I have two year old children?? I seriously can’t even….

So rather than bawl my eyes out, I’m going to recap all the fun of the week.


Who is this giant child riding a bike with a helmet on???

Greyson spent the day with the Big kids in the Twos class. He’s ready to move up.


We had a bright sunny day which meant a ride around the campus in the big buggy.

Think they like this activity?


Rainy day = playtime in the MMZ


Still rainy but she won’t let that get her down.

He makes friends where ever he goes.  Plastic people are no exception.

The afternoon cleared up and that meant a walk in the sun.


Never to young to start some light yard work. She takes her job very seriously. 

Him….not so much. 

It’s all fun and games to Greyson. 

I’m headed to Hershey PA for a girls weekend. Can’t wait to hang with my BFF, hit the spa and eat lots of chocolate! Happy weekend to you.

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