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School (and Memorial) dayz

Well hello there! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. I absolutely love this holiday because, in addition to paying tribute to the men and woman who lost their lives serving this country, it’s the official kickoff to summer! And you all know how I feel about summer #iloveloveloveloveloveLOVEsummer

I didn’t take too many pictures over the weekend…too busy making memories :). But I’m gonna do a quick recap for my own sake.

Saturday – went to yoga, got my haircut, swim class at Goldfish, naps and then we had a few friends over for a picnic. Chick-fil-a and DiBella’s handled the food and it was the best decision ever. I did make a quick & easy pasta salad that might be my new potluck dish this year. It turned out so well!

Sunday – we had our last class at Goldfish for the season.

It was a pretty lazy day filled with grocery shopping, a Costco run and pizza for dinner. Jerry and I started the 3rd season of Bloodline…holy geez. SO GOOD!

Monday – Our first POOL DAY!!!

We joined the Cranberry pool this year and I was hoping the kids would love it. Oh my. Our little fishes had a blast! They have zero fear of the water…which is a good thing. But they have zero fear of the water…which is not such a good thing. We have puddle jumpers but they didn’t wear them because the baby pool is pretty shallow

2 hours at the pool was followed by a 3 hour nap and then grilling some burgers and steaks with a couple of friends.

It was a good weekend! Yay summer.

Now a little catch up from their school week.

Monday – They spent the day in their new TWOs room. They officially move June 5th.

They had a great time playing with the big kids.

Tuesday – Just chillin on the lawn turf. They get their playground back next week too.

They also made scary lions out of paper plates and sponge painting

Painting is fun no matter what you use!

Wednesday – Greyson practicing his baby cuddling skills


He’s such a little lovebug

And break dancer….what he is doing in this picture I have no idea.

Thursday – It’s fun with animal prints!

And hula hoops

And yellow bouncy balls.

Friday – Don’t rock my boat!

Good gravy, she’s cute.

And speaking of cute…


I hope you all have a fabulous, short week.

Fynnlee, Greyson, Weekend

Life Lately – the awesome and the awful

Hello friends & neighbors! Happy Hump Day.

It’s been a beautiful week here in the ‘burgh. Blue skies and sunny days with temps in the 70s and 80s…today is supposed to be almost 90! #itsgettinghotinhere I just realized I didn’t do a weekend update so I thought I’d catch yinz up on what’s been going on in our life lately. Lots of awesome and a little bit of awful.

Mother’s Day celebrations

Saturday, we met up with my Mom and the Hurley clan at Pasqualino’s in Murrysville for some pizza and partying.

Awesome – the food was outstanding. We had a calzone the size of our car and Fynnlee ate most of it. Kidding. But she loves ricotta and meatballs. That’s my girl.
Awful – Seriously, the worst service I’ve had in a long time. Yes there were 10 of us. But the waitress took our order and then didn’t show up again until it was time for the check. Other staff brought our food but no one cleared the dirty salad plates from our table, refilled drinks or brought my Mom’s food. That’s right…they forgot my Mom’s pizza.

It was still a fun time.

Sunday, Grandma & I took the kids to swim class and Jerry & Papa made us brunch!

Omlets, fruit, cinnamon rolls, cheesy potatoes…and they did the dishes!

Awesome – the food was amazing & it was so nice to be pampered
Awful – Jerry caught the crud from me in Vegas and was down for the count the rest of the day. He had a major man cold (cough, sore throat, sneezing, headache).

2 year check ups

Awesome – we have super healthy babes. Fynnlee is 29.15 lbs and 33 inches tall and Greyson is 26.15 lbs and 33 inches tall. And no shots!

Awful – they both have ear infections!! We had no idea. Other than the daycare cold they’ve had for probably 6 months, they had no symptoms.

Transition to Twos

We have the oldest kids in the Toddler classroom. They are basically adults and love to boss the other little ones around.

Awesome – June 5th they transition to the Twos classroom
Awful – WHAAAAAAAAAAA! stop growing.

School dayz

These are all awesome.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


In Vegas, we selfie

So as you know, we just got back from 3 fabulous days in Las Vegas. This trip has been booked for months and I’ve been plotting & planning our agenda for just about as long. Most importantly, what we would eat. And then, what we would do. Ziplining down Fremont Street, tour of Hoover Dam, take in a show, hit da Club

Yeah, we did none of that.

We did lots of walking & exploring (avg 22k steps a day!), lounged by the pool, ate really good food and went to bed by 9:30. Wild ones, I’ll tell ya.

Oh, and we selfied. We/I took so many selfies. But we didn’t feel weird about it at all. It’s all people do in Vegas.

The selfies started on the plane. The guy next to me fell asleep…I’ve blurred his face to protect his identity.

And then I snapped this awesome one in bathroom of our hotel.  It’s a keeper.  Isn’t my jacket super cute?

But I didn’t really feel like handing my phone over to strangers to snap pics of us. And I’m getting pretty good at the art of Selfie-ing. So I just went with it.

Here are some of my favorites. We used the selfie STICK for this one.

Me in front of a fountain.

We snapped a couple pics in front of this fountain, but I don’t know where it was.

I actually don’t know where we were in most of the pics I took. I’m guessing we’re on one of the pedestrian walk ways here.

I was at Starbucks in this one! Thank you Instagram stories.  A very artsy shot, no?

Me at the Luxor! I don’t think I even played this slot machine.

Lounging by the pool

And having breakfast at Toms Urban.

It was only 59 degrees apparently.

I made Jerry pose for this one. He’s a good sport.

This is probably my favorite one. We’re so cute.

And that about wraps up my photos from our trip!! It was really good to get away for a few days. The Beans were in good hands with my Dad & Anna and Jarrad’s parents. We missed them terribly but got some much needed rest. Thank you Las Vegas! And thank you Grandparents.



We ate our way through Las Vegas

And it was damn good!

So a little backstory on this trip. We bought plane tickets on Southwest to visit Jarrad’s parents in Florida. Two days after purchase, they sold their house and started preparing to move back to Pittsburgh. So we had these ticket to use on a fun little getaway. I wanted a destination with a direct flight and a mix of relaxing & sightseeing. Jerry suggested Las Vegas and was a bit skeptical…I’m not really a gambler and my partying days are way behind me. But I’ve talked to enough people to know that blackjack and nightclubs are just a small part of the Vegas experience. So i said “Let’s do it!

It’s no secret that Jerry and I love food. I don’t consider us “foodies” by any means…we are definitely not adventurous eaters. We love seafood and most vegetables. But we like typical cuts of typical proteins prepared in typical ways. Give me a gorgeous filet but hold the bone marrow. I’ll pass on the duck breast but devour your perfectly prepared chicken breast. We prefer sushi rolls over sashimi (hold the eel) and draw the line at anything tongue, cheek or brain.

I immediately started seeking out the best restaurants. Not too fancy, not too pricey and not too far from our hotel. They weren’t hard to find. Here’s where we went:

First stop…Mesa Grill. I love me some Bobby Flay and I love me some burgers.

Jerry got the Mesa burger and I got the Green Chile burger.  All I can say is WOW! It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Perfectly prepared with a creamy queso and roasted chiles. The bun was so fresh and light and the pickled onions had such great flavor. So good!

There was a spice on the fries that I didn’t love. But I ate them anyway.

For dinner, we went to Jose Andres’ restaurant, China Poblano where I failed to take any pictures (rookie mistake). But we loved everything we had.


Queso Fundido to start (give me all the CHEESE). Jerry and I each had a taco…pork for him, shrimp for me. And at the waiters recommendation, the XO Rice Noodle (A traditional Chinese comfort dish, rolls of rice noodle are tossed with house-made XO sauce, sautéed shrimp & egg). These noodles were unlike anything I’d ever eaten. They were more like gnocchi than noodly but the flavor. Oh my. It was out of this world.

We had breakfast the next morning at Tom’s Urban Legend at New York, New York. It had outside seating that was awesome for people watching. And the breakfasts were so good, we ate there the next day too!

Day one eats: The Beach Bum omelet (lots of veggies & cheese) with the most amazing hash browns

Day two: Huevos Benedicto (a ridiculously good Benedict of carnitas, peppers, cheese and roasted chile hollandaise sauce) and cheddar polenta grits)

We originally had dinner reservations at Tao for Monday night but our spot-on waiter at China Poblano recommended Sushi Samba at the Venetian. I wish I could go back and give him a big ole kiss because it will go down as one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

When we arrived, our waiter told us about the Chef’s tasting menu. You give him a price point, tell him your likes/dislikes/allergies/aversions and the chef prepares several courses based on your preferences. As we weren’t going to any shows or big excursions, Jerry and I decided to blow our budget on this meal and told the waiter to Bring. It. On.

Did he ever…

ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURA to start. (golden pea shoot, snap pea julienne, 18 spicy mayonnaise, green peas, black truffle dressing)

CRISPY TAQUITOS with Yellowtail served with spicy aji panca sauce, fresh lime, yuzu aji

Roasted Sea Bass

Filet Mignon

Sushi Rolls: LIMA shrimp tempura, spicy king crab, avocado & NEO TOKYO* bigeye tuna, tempura flake, aji panca

And the highlight of the entire meal…the Japanese Wagyu. The stone is heated to 700 degrees and you sear the thin slices of beef for 4-5 seconds per side.  Served with several dipping sauces and salts. The beef literally melted in your mouth. The flavor was so tremendous.

We are ruined for all other beef forever.

Our final meal was at Scott Conant’s D.O.C.G Enoteca. We shared a sausage and pepper pizza

and spaghetti & meatballs. I knew the pasta would be amazing because…Scott Conant. It didn’t disappoint.

Insanely good.

Our final meal was at the Le Cafe in our hotel (we stayed at Paris). I had the ham & cheese croissant sandwich with roasted fingerlings. Can’t you just taste the butter? So much butter…

And that’s not a bad thing.

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Birthday Weekend recap in pictures

Friday started off the big birthday weekend at Grandma & Papa. Aunt Stephanie & GiGi arrived in Pittsburgh around 4, just in time for us to get out of work/school.

The Beans had some dinner.

Grandma’s soup is their favorite.

And then Fynnlee injected herself into the adults dinner, as always.


It rained most of the morning and we were afraid it was going to be a washout, but lucky for us…the sun showed up! And we had the cutest little deckhand helping to clean up the water.

We Mickey’ed and Minnie’ed

We ate lots of food.

And played/opened presents.


We attempted some family photos…

Who thought balloons were a good idea?

We got one good one.

Getting posed pictures with two year olds is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Too many new toys to play with!

Fynnlee decided she was over pictures.




Jerry and I bought them these bikes which are proving to be a huge hit!


Their actual birthday and another celebration with Grandpa Jim & Grandma Anna. It was a beautiful sunny (and hot!) day.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and these Beans were so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and family.